Monday, December 8, 2008


Look through ! .. forget everything and keep moving forward ! If you guys couldnt still figure it out , the line was ripped from the movie "Meet the Robinsons"..

Too bad that I've to start this post in an abrupt manner.

-Isnt the delhi techfest around the corner ? .. said naveen !

-yeah, it is ! said ram in his usual low pitched voice.

I wouldn't really say that our team was devoid of enthusiasm and involvement . It was a team of 4 including the 2 guys above alongside me and kumar G.V. The team was formed to battle the HEAVY LIFTER challenge at IIT delhi. A huge event so as to consider only to later discover that most of the people who participated in it were in and around MP :-|

The plan for the bot that was to be made was quite ready with naveen taking the lead in designing it , the bot had to carry the weight sample which weighed around 1 kg and it had to put it in a hole , It was not just us gearing up for the event TRYST '08 , almost everyone from the college were taking up a particular event from the technical festival and were busy workin over it. Infact we had our own friends rivalling the challenge we had taken ! It was prabhakaran with balaji and harsha.

Somewhere during the break we had ..

-We are timed out ! .. we need to submit the abstract today ! .. well the organiser has to check them and he has to make a goddammed reply as well !.. whatever goes by, you do know that everything has to happen by tomorrow , right ? Are you even listening ? ..

- yes, I am, said Ram ..
- well then why are we staring at each other ?
-I dont have to stare at you ... -or do I have to ?..
-well I have a lab period tomorrow, ask Kumar ! ..
-well I have to brush my teeth tomorrow ! so you can ask someone else to do this work for you !
-Relax ! .. We'll sure have a positive end .. Let us complete the absract today with the others .. and yeah lets leave the drawing part to naveen ..

Delhi (28-02-2008, 7 :00 am)

Delhi just looked fuzzy ! We didnt waste much time as we got off from the station. we hired a cab and we started off to IIT delhi, we had to get there early to avoid the usual problems in getting the accomodations done.

The first day, we just lazed around the capital as we had our accomodations done and the events were supposed to start on the following day.

Tryst '08 would be a phenomenal success. we were just counting at it looking forward to the hype surrounding it.
On the day of the event, as it would occur in almost all places. we were made to wait unconditionally for quite a long time. meanwhile we had enough time to look at the other bots and make cheap comments on 'em soothing ourselves over the thought that our bot would just be terrorizing throughout ! But you know what ? It was later we discovered that we might have as well designed a wrong model. when we looked at the title of the event again. It was "lifting" the object and the word dragging was not mentioned. Our model was near both dragging and lifting but it was dragging 70% and lifting 30% :P I can't explain the odds. It was an engineering feat to us brought about by the application of a conveyor belt. After making a last minute change to it, with now our model would just "lift", It still appeared terrorizing to us (well , it just looked ! ) And huge as it was, it was too hard for him to pass through the little maze in the arena for everytime it had to hit the walls and we had a point going out. It had a poor show overall and to make matters worse our rivalling team finished second.

-You guys look sad ! said girish and aditya who came by
-Nope ! , forget it . it is just that we are planning to go for a movie now :D. wouldn that sound good ?
-well that would be a great idea ..

PVR Priya, Basant Lok, delhi (02-03-2008, 8:00 pm)
It was a great night to start of with (I mean that part of the night after the event) , the place looked posh , it had a lot of people which much guys would prefer to stare at . Well I had myself looking at people as well :D.. But still , there was something odd , we had to do everything in a hurry . We got tickets for the movie "Vantage Point" . We knew nothing about it , the sight of whitaker in one of the posters had us agree that it would be a good movie worth passing time with . The show was at 8:35 . We still had time to kill , one of us came with the idea of "Window shopping" ..

- duh ! window shopping ? I exclaimed ??
-yeah dude ! why not ? .. you know, you get to watch people ?
- people ? .. dont you see em here !
-ok lets go ! you are not getting me I guess ..
-oh well I would like to get at it ...

-Shut up .. and just follow ..
@ punk store !

-That guy in the picture , he is che guvera right ? .. man I see him everywhere, was he a punk kinda guy ?

-does it really matter to you ? said girish who was looking tired already ..
you come to a punk store to check posters ? .. get a life .. dude !

-was just curious , but hey you wont have your kind of people visiting punk stores ! you think girls are into punk ?

- really ? lets check upstairs !
- doesnt make a difference ..
- there ! .. look at her !
- dude ! .. you were indeed correct. she does look ..
- stop!
- stop what ?
- I dont wanna listen that word from you ..
- let me finish the word . it is senstive ! .. that was the word ! ..
- duh !
- duh what ?
- nothing, I should ve expected that. It was really stupid of me to expect a word of that kind from you !
- so , You checked her out ?
-Check what of her out ?
- you heard me.
- I was on it already but I dont find her sensitive !
-ok I was kiddin , lets hit the theatre .. we re outta time !

@the theatre ! ..

Girish was checking his watch already after I interrupted him ...

-you hunting down anything ?
-hmm .. we gotta stop by my uncle's place on our way back !
-what ? .. you kiddin me ?
-nope ! but we gotta go ..
-hey, the uncle visit wasnt a part of our schedule ..
-yeah, It wasnt but it is now :D..
-Do you know how a douche bag looks like ?
-nah ! I dunno !
-check your freakin' mirror !

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Au revoir ! ..

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wake up !

"It aint ur home lil chuck! , I wont be wakin you up everyday,It is time for coll . Are you getting up now or what ?"....

Vineel does have a hard time with me saying those words as he deliberately tries to wake me up everyday. well I wouldnt say thats me being bad , I do forget sometimes that am in a hostel ,it is not because am in a luring and captivating atmosphere. I take pleasure whenever I sleep ...

Now describing vineel! . He was my roomate for an year ,along with him were two others mayank(guwhati) and stayanarayan(indore) ! ..looks tall , spring haired , lean ,small eyed . well, there is not a work which he doesnt involve with ..:P .. Oh I've had a lot of arguments with him.. 

22 -07 - 2007

sem I ,day 1 ...NIT , Bhopal..

After a filling sleep , I woke up with a view of taking things easy after a disappointing night ! ... It took me time to realise that I was in the capital of a state , it was not because I had just then remembered about its lushing green meadows and gravity defying streets but so said my admit card ..Duh !! This is supposed to be the city of red locales !

I made a quick glance around the room .. everyone were sleeping, I checked my watch,it said 5 am ...I was delighted coz I woke up at such an early hour without an alarm of any kind :)... I thought things would be falling in shape finally as I felt I was being a little responsible...

It was 7:30 when I finished brushing my teeth, if you were wondering what I had been doing since 5 , I just have a big grin to share because I didnt do anything but sleep again ..

First day classes, well needless to say , it was really exciting to watch everyone in their formal wear, with shirts tucked in, black shoes on , well I had to be in that wear too , well apart from that , everyone had to look down like somewhere watchin the third button of their shirt when they were addressing a senior .Every rule was perfectly being maintained as I joined the lot which was marching towards the college from the hostel (And Yeah .. No bikes for the juniors :(..)   

-Hey Manoj .. Are you hitting up the classes ?... wonderin who that familiar voice was . I turned around and found him to be Mr ***(sorry i cant really let his name out here) ..

-yeah I am ..(a perfect nerd look ! no specs but !) 

-whats your branch ?

-I.T.. and you ?

-am in electrical .. 

-good ! .. so you know where you are heading to ?

-no idea ..  dont know where my class is ?

-me neither but it is getting late ... I dont want to miss my first day classes though.. 

-who would be liking that .. hehe..

-you laughed ?

-I chuckled .. well yeah I laughed... 

-you found that funny ?


-were you finding it awfully funny ?

-aargh .. why ?

-nothing but I was wondering that coz your tongue and teeth had some wild movements

-I guess the guy moving there knows where my class is.. I gotta catch up with him..and by the way .. am still finding it funny ..

-You are welcome, am happy I made someone laugh. :) ..   

    I must say that I wasnt really a happy guy that day ,I wasnt really happy with the way I was getting along with guys that day, I felt like I was in some alien planet were you find even trees staring at you . First day , just before I could realise that I had to undergoe a tough time with my seniors for the next 8 months, I got stuck with one of em , I had no other way, he was looking at me as if he was gonna gulp me down .. I felt like sayin him "can you take your freakin eyes off me !  ". I thought I would be able to tell him that straight in his eye as I felt my little nerves risin  but everything just went crashin as I heard ...

- head down .. 

- Excuse me Sir , Good Morning Sir ,

- How are you supposed to wear your shirt ?

- Sir, umm ..well am not pretty sure as this is my first day ..

- werent you sure. Oh thats sweet! ... Are you sure that you are now talking with a senior ?

- Yes Sir .. 

-Why have you folded one of your sleeve while you have left the other unfolded? .. why not the other ? 

-Sir I was in a hurry and I didnt really check it out .. 

-really ? ..well when you come tomorrow .. I need that hand which you are now showin to me to be shaved off ! 

-well, were you really meaning it ?

-well, were you even having a doubt here ?

-nope ..        

- well then do it ... you must be knowing PRETTY sure what might happen if you dont turn up without doing it tomorrow .. 

-yes Sir ..

-you can leave ..

-Well excuse me ..

-what ?

-May I know were my classes are , am supposed to be doing my first yr in IT .. 

-you've got nuts son ! 

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Au revoir..   

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Apologies! am back again!
Movies! ..They are one of my best pass times! . I prefer watching most of the movies after I am quite done with its "title".Real life and comedy flicks are a hit with me! ..super hero and romantic movies go chewing hay with me!

Now Running.."M.I.A.. Paperplanes"


Six days since my birthday ..though nothing new around ,celebrating 16 yrs of existence was of course great .. moving out with friends had been a habit since then. Dad was not really satisfied with my new development on the other hand there was mom encouraging me .... there is really a big world out there! so said the frog! and so said ... none!

4:00 pm .....

School work got me dammn tired ..After all those boring lectures having a lemonade sitting on the couch and sipping it like a slug got a bit of me relieved! .."Tom and Jerry" was I guess the program I was watching, watching Tom lose everytime made me hate the show ,"size" does deal with smartness but not all the time. As I was arguing with myself I was awaken by a sharp ping (beep! one message recieved!.....)it was from sharone! (a friend from coaching class)

"hey happy birthday ! ..dont get mad i know am a bit late :D..anywys! how about a coffee today at casablanca ..7pm ...."

It was a good idea .. having a cup of coffee means nothing to me but it means a huge "fairy tale" to my friends...what does really happen about a cup of coffee ...I say "there is nothing but just the caffeine tempting you to have more!"

"sure thing!" was the message I sent back to her..

I went back siping my lemonade and once again....(beep ! !) this time it was from ashish!

"hi...I gotta take jimmy to the docky at 9pm so lets make it at a time such that I get back before 9......
well abt 8? "

8 ,9 ... what is he really talking about !...aarg yeah! ashish had asked me to have dinner outside.... thought of replyin "not now" but as it was his turn to treat me I said "yes"..

7:00 pm!

I was begining to get dressed .I hate it when it comes to dressing ! whatever I put on, mom ll be there to comment, she usually says"I look like a dunce "! ..well what really mattered was that my sis would be there commenting along with her..

Already two messages up,sharone was supposed to be there in 10 mins ,so said the messages!..I hurried outside and I met dad straight in his eye! and as usual I gave him a wicked smile..

-where now?

-dad she ..sorry he is already waitin for me and I got to attend him.

-listen are staying here today , no going out ..

-dad please..

-didnt u hear me ?

-dad...the..the electricity bill ..well yeah i'll check that today ,didnt u tell me to check that two days before..

-now..havent u done that yet..

-dad !..forget it,it is past ! ..i'll get it done today..

-smart way to get out huh..better not come back without gettin it done..


Casablanca was just another restaurant near the beach road . I reached there at around 7:15 ..she was there waiting already ,she seemed like she just got there too but anyway she had her say"you are late" .

well yea am late! ..the traffic got me under my nerve ! and whats wrong with her hair !. .it looks like...

-stop! fine with the way it is..

-well then, your eyes,they look really odd tod....

-just sit down!

-wssup then! ...u look excited..

-lets eat very hungry! .

-sure ! ... 

It really took some time for us to figure out that we were in a restaurant..well yeah.. !After almost 30 mins of waiting the food we ordered arrived!!well not to mention it arrived with the golden teeth of the waiter shown ..

-sorry friend ..there was a little problem with the oven !
well his glitterin yellow teeth made us say .."its ok with us!"

It was getting late,actually very late , I already had four messages from ashish! ..he was waitin for me and he needed to get back home soon.. staring down at the plate I gazed at the patterns on it..
well she broke the silence anyway asking..

-hey are you gonna have anything next?

-yup some l'eau froide!

-whats that!

-I meant cold water in french !

-well really ? well am gonna some "agua"...

-well you have your food ,I gotta go attend someone..

-thats not food silly ! thats again water in spanish![:P]

-[:D] I thought that to be agaricus! .. you had the "a",the "g" n every other letter in the word you just said..

-going through the old smarty pant way huh..

-not really ..hey..I gotta go now.. plzz!

-hmmm ok... see you later ! ...It was not pleasure enough meeting you today ..

-thanks for the coffee ! ..byeee

Finishin those lines I went out fast ! ..
After trying to start my drive for about 10 mins I figured out finally that it went out of gas ... ring ring! .."dad calling"..... (perfect timing)

-Are you done with the work...

-nope dad! ...the bike , I mean ,it went out of gas ... am moving it to the gas station..

-where are you stuck now ? want me to come up there..

-am fine dad!! ...thanks for calling..

Meanwhile she came down chuckling looking at me..

-so you havent left yet?

-[:D] .. can u help me out!

- help?.................... well

- I need your drive ! .. I'll be back here after 15 mins ! you ok with that?

-well yeah ...but am already late! can you cut that to 10 mins?

-no worries ,I'll be right back in a jiffy!

I finally made it to the place! I caught sight of the loser ..he was at the corner enjoying sipping something..I took a place next to him, he chuckled at me but I didnt really care to ask him why he did that....

-so ..lets eat ! ..

-we are indeed going to eat amigo.... you look wet?

-Am sweating idiot

-(chuckles!)You came here running?

-lets order..

-It is done ,the food should be arriving now.

-that was really in a good way your brain cells worked today ! ..

-"jimmy" worried about him..he is having a hard time these days..

-so ..when is it coming ..

-when "what" is mean jimmy..

-nope ..the food!

-It ll be in a while man ...Geez...Are you hunting down anything?

-well ok what happened to jimmy..

-jimmy got bit by a stray dog !

-well thats freakin funny ..your buffalo couldnt dodge the stray one..

-he did !...but the stray one was too smart..

-your dog is as stupid as you!

-stop!.. he took advantage of jimmy's sore knee!

-did jimmy tell that to you or you making that up..

(beep!..) It was from sharone..the message said.."I need to be going now..come quick!" it was really unwelcome at the moment..I turned to ashish..

-the food ..when is it comin..?

-should be now! I guess he is carrying our know what.... I ordered u a big mexican chicken croissant!


-it is the best here!

-[:((]..thanks a ton really but hey I gotta be going quick you eat the mexican something and i'll have a burger that fine.

-but !..

-hey ..what about the dog !..dont you have to take your jerk..sorry jimmy to the vet!'ll really upset him if you dont do it..

-so should we cancel the previous order and order for two burgers instead!..

-thats something brilliant you have ever said..

we really had a hard time convincing the waiter to cancel the previous order , munching down the burger ..there was an  another message ! ..not to mention it was from the girl!.. half done. I went out telling ashish it was an emergency !

I reached casabalanca again at 9:05 pm... I flashed a smile as I saw her. It was not really welcomed. I gave her her ride and I started pulling my bike to the gas station. well...... two hours ! one fierry chicken salad and half burger ,that was all I could eat ..I thought I should atleast check the bill which  dad had asked me to do but he called and asked me to return as it was getting late ....

-thats enough! get back ..the bill is checked! 

Au revoir

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Geography,the very word has a lot of meanings, discussing what it means and how it screws you is not the thing am gonna talk about now,not many of us have a passion for geography (really who cares what stuff the earth contains when you just think "I own a piece of land and it is on lease")...


TIMINGS:9:00 - 11:00 AM"

The question paper was long enough to make me occupied for the next 2 hours. Writing answers in a detailed fashion was sick,I finished my paper 10 mins before the scheduled time,I was desperately waiting for the stroke of the bell! the clock struck 11 and that was it!.. I Just completed my eighth standard!.. what made me more anxious was that I had planned to go on a picnic with my friend to kerala that night, the picnic was special because it just included me and and my friend "..
I reached home at 1 PM( I was discussing the paper and that defines my being late)In a different way I can tell u that I reached home half sad and half happy!.The reason was because I had made a different entry when I was asked about the height of the mountain"k-2"..(only trekkers gotta care about that ..... screw the system!).MOM was standing at the gate again with her usual smile..

-how was your paper dear! was quite ok!
-quite ok??
-ok mom! was good??
-so you mean you can get a hundred in this paper!
-Mom! am hungry!
-ok! go get yourself neat , I want clean hands and legs before you sit there..annnndd.....
-you had a call five mins back..It was from shhh..? am sorry...well that was all he said..
-yeah I know him..he is shyam! ..

After lunch I called shyam!
-helo retard!
-helo fatso!
-not anymore pencil head!..
-k no fighting here about the trip..are you in?
-loseR..I gave you this idea... do you think we need a guide..
-not required ..I have been there before..
-am not gonna believe you, I dont think you will still be sure about the places!
-ok dude! lets arrange for one!.. anyonelse in?
-yea my cousins..
-was it plural?
-yea..two people..
-jeez! now dont tell me that! I disagree...
-You will find them good! gotta agree!
-new behaviour .. idiot!
-Is it really?.. no need..they know you?
-know me?..
-yea..I said about you to them...
-you idiot!
-ok man! ..stop by my place this evening..they want to see you..
-you better have a glass of milk when I come there!
-why? doesnt make sense!
-It will....moron!

It was 4pm,time to meet the moron(why does this guy keeps me introducing to people).I was imagining myself how his cousins looked like, he had said about them to me was younger and the other was elder to him which means it is the same to me as well.The elder one was a girl and the younger was a boy.The girl may have been three years older and the boy an year younger to me...

At shyam's residence!

Standing before the gate I first decided to ring the bell...I changed the decision and I shouted his name! two figures came out of the door!..not to mention ,they were his cousins! he here?
-shyam just went out..he'll be back in 5 mins!,may we know u?
-Am manoj..I prefer bein called as Mj(A PLANNED REPLY..)..
-oh! so its u? anyway what is the big deal with this "mj" name! replied the girl
-I wanna know it as well replied the boy
-I like michael jackson,marion jones, mary jane(a cartoon character)and myself comes the name Mj..
-hhaa So does it include MR .JACKASS! AS WELL said both to together..
-very funny!(these people are planned as well !!)
-sorry Mj replied the girl and started laughing!

Seconds after shyam arrived!..
- hi manoj!
- hi !(almost rude!)
- so you have met my cousins already! she is kriti and he is kumar!...hope they were very good with you!
- yeah they were very! ..
- ok! so they are gonna come with uS!..our guide is gonna be my dad's acquaintant! ..seems like he has been in the profession for 2 yrs and he knows every corner in Munnar!
- alas! u have done something worthful..hey the car will be ready by 9 pm! get ready as soon as possible with these precious pieces of trash!
- pieces of what ??? replied both together again!
- I said t..r..a..s..h..! clear?

one more hour and am off to Kerala! ... wow the very experience of making a trip sans parents was like being a full grown human for a second! The guide arrived to my home and he got himself introduced to my parents ,he had come there with shyam's dad! ..after that my dad introduced me to him! the guy's name was antony!
(describin antony aka anto! ...antony was a name very common in the christian locality of the town ..the guy looked more older than his age! he had a stubble and wore a very visilbe pair of contact lenses!)
It was finnaly 9... the car took me along with my guide to shyam's house! the loser took his own time to get in the car along with his two cousins!
the car took off finally ...

Inside the car!
-have you ever been late to school?..I asked to shyam..
-nope !ok man! I know I was a minute late! said shyam
-a minute! check your freakin watch! ..its almost 9:45 pm!! I exclaimed
-Do donkeys really care about time ..said kriti
-now who is a donkey here miss ??..asked I
-jackass otherwise known as donkey ..said kumar
-kids! stop fighting ..It is a long journey ,you will lose your throat if you keep talking like that! get some sleep,replied the guide!
-ok (said everyone!)

The night went as fast as it could! maybe because it was a dreamless night.. anto woke me up at around seven...everybody around me were sittin quite awake maybe they had got up earlier! the car was somewhere near the outskirts of kerala! ..we still had half a day journey left!the car stopped by a small wayside inn for breakfast!
Kerala was looking gorgeous at the early hours! the lushfull trees ,the spreading blue skies and the sunrise! I dont have a poetic view for its beauty ,I can say it just simply looked great!
Munnar is a hillstation not very famous though but still it has got its own relics and places.The name 'Munnar' means 'Three Rivers' and they are actually three mountain streams, Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala,they confluence at the heart of the town, meeting all the water requirements of the settlers and visitors. At 3pm at noon we reached Munnar!.The temperature was around 18 degrees .Just the temperature what everyone needed!.."so conducive ",I said as I was looking outside the window.
It was almost six when we got ourselves settled!...the next day was supposed to be filled with fun! cant wait for the day..we gotta explore the place! I said to everyone! they were excited as well!

(Describin kriti aka ??(sorry no names yet!)) ok this is a girl not very good looking and not very ugly as well..her response depends on the way you look at her and the way you talk!.. it is never so easy going with her!

(Describing kumar ) a copy of shhh!..

Anto was already awake early as usual!..
-get up children.We gotta visit some new places today! said anto
-sounds good!..but it is too early(6:00 am).. where are we heading to? replied kumar
-to echo point!
-ECHO wht? replied kriti!
-I have been there! I sprang before anto could reply.
-just get ready! replied anto looking tired..

The morning was too cold .It was not exactly the situation we had expected,the water was more freezing ,10 am would be perfect but Anto would not listen!.Anto is one of the many persons to get early into my losers list!

7:00 AM

You are now witnessing the highest peak in south india!.. Anto uttered them as our car neared a narrow lane , I didnt check if he was right then but he was right indeed(Maybe that was the first thing he knew about the place ),getting down from the car we had to walk a few paces to reach the peak.

-This is the echo point... said anto
-echo what..replied kirti again..
-"echo sure there was no pun intended!" said anto
-actually it was not sound enough..said kirti
-hey!! yelled kumar....(there were three more hey's somewhere in the deep!)..thats my voice again said an excited kumar..
-nope dude, it was rather some wild boar's, guess it got influriated by your wicked voice!said I..
-none is laughing here mr.jack!,you can better stop giving futile comments!..replied kirti..
-yeah , I know boars dont laugh! and that doesnt matter me !..said I.
-cut thh thh the crapp! was shyam who interrupted!

Right from the start I had maintained a bad rapport with shyam's cousins.meanwhile Anto seemed like flaterring most of the time whenever whatever was asked regarding the places there!..everthing he replied was heavily made up.Everybody had understood it by then..

-We now see the great garden of munnar! said anto(great garden??.. Did Munnar really have one?)
-uncle why here? it is nothing but a rose garden enclosed by fence..said I
-well it was a big garden the last time I came here!..said anto
-but the board says it has been here since 1935!..said kirti
-hmmm.. maybe we have reached the wrong place.. lets check out the "suicide point"(the second and the final place he knew in Munnar).Anto seemed rushing as he completed those lines..

At suicide point!..
-you see that bush kids lives for years ... it hardly sheds its leaves..said Anto
-bush! people come here to check out bushes ..said I
-they do sometimes because most bushes here have medicinal values!..said Anto(am sure no loser here is gonna waste time pulling out roots on a creepy terrain)
-Cant it grow somewhere else like at a lower altitude? said kumar
-yea it can..since it is a rare specie ,its presence here makes the place special..

everybody were almost silent..I pulled shhhh aside!..

-you call the guy you brought "a guide"..
-[:D]hmmm sorry!...
-now dude! does he really know anything here ..
-relax pal !..

shhh pulled me back in!..

-a rare specie? said kumar ..why no signboards!
-guys lets leave said Anto who was yet again making hurried movements!..

That was not the end for Monsieur anto's made up tale about places!,it continued in thekkady,cochin and trivandrum as well!!..whenever Anto felt he was stuck he used to start with"the last time I came here, this place was...." and end with "It might be a wrong place..... or it might have been a long time ,A new day, A new place!"..Freakin Anto would never compromise!..

Au revoir!

Monday, June 23, 2008


My journey in train has not always been the same know memories are sweet but sometimes you don't want them to be remembered...........ok ..It was around a decade back when I was 8 I had my journey in a train which was though not my first one.... It was then I discovered that I like travelling,well It was also then I discovered that I had to face a problem everytime I have a trip by train. well whenever am in a train I kinda face a little trouble with people like who are not sure of their sex!! (AKA EUNUCHS!). what I find wierd is that these people dont beg but demand!!!..well movin now to one my experiences.It happened on my way to bhopal!.....

(15-07-2007).. (TN express)
the type of traffic chennai had that day would have tested anyone's patience.Already findinG myself in a bitter position (coz I was already late as usual to catch the train..) The car I was in was moving like a diseased slug.That day was not too ordinary for me .If I miss the train then I should probably forget my dream of taking a professional career outside my town.The train was scheduled to leave at 10 pm.It was nine already and I was 3 miles away from chennai central... well to heaten up ..The car went out of gas!?!>not wastin a second dad had himself outside waving his hands towards an opposite cab.. well I finnaly reached the station at 9:45 and I had to lose one of my luggages on my way to the platform.well it aint an easy job to guard your luggages in a crowded place like that but anyway i got to thank the officials who recovered them and thanks again to the untimely croaked up' voice from the speakers stationed at every pole..finally I was in the train...I was just in.. I could find the wheels moving .. the siren wailing at a distance..I was just thinking how bhopal was going to welcome me.. I never had a clue if things can change!
I spent the night sleepin peacefully, I had a dozen dreams during the short nap ,running through my 13th I found that I was being disturbed by someone (who is that???!! crap!! the dream is over!! infact I was imaginig myself making a huge entrance at railway station in bhopal).I did not care about what was going around in my cabin .I thought I should atleast take a look..opening my tired eyes I found three to four eunuchs surrounding me..(it was the first time I was meeting them as a group..)
-what do you people want?>>
-a hundred...that will do..
-well u need a what..?? look I dont have anything with me right now can leave me
-is that the way you talk your wife ?
-what!!! (now one of them had their hand passing through my hair, she was consoling the others they would not leave the place without a penny!)..
"jeez!!"..what are these people upto!!,I searched for a note inside my pocket and handed them.(the note was worth 50 bucks!)
-thanks dear!!..
-you are not welcome moron!!...I said to myself!!the four ?'s went ....

Having a quick glance at people around me i looked at my was 8 AM ... the place was warangal in AP.."quite a screwed up begining, aint it?"..I said to myself as I got off to the washbasin...
It was 3 at noon..I just finished my lunch!! I peeped outside.. the boards and the banners said the city was Nagpur!! I dont know much about the city.. I just knew that it can provide you cheap oranges and can host an international cricket match!!
Lost in thoughts I heard a familiar sound!! it was coming from one of the neighbouring cabins.. the sound now getting closer...
-"its them"...(now what the hell are you waiting for..just get urself outta the place!)
this time I decided to hide from them..I climbed the upper berth and I pretended to be reading a book which I found on the berth..
minutes went passing ,I didnt dare to look outside the book..I found somebody pulling my leg!!..(lets start is all over again!)
-now please I dont have money...will you please get out..
-no money!!! you call youself a guy!!! isnt it?..
-yeah am a guy!! seriously what do u call youself as ???...(?1?!?..)

I know I have just pulled in a serious trouble..but to my amazement I just saw her leaving (probably she did not listen carefully to the words anyway i just saved 50 bucks)

It was finnaly eight , the scheduled time to reach bhopal finally arrived!!! I was able to see bhopal in its outskirts!! ..the city was astonishingly not very busy!! I said to myself "its a freakin gud capital to be"... the station was looking very old.. the concrete roof that was supported by the pillars seemed like they could fall anytime. The walls around the station were painted red in a disordered fashion . I thought it should be some design or something.. well just then I saw an old looking guy passing towards a wall which was a bit white in colour, he did an act which cannot be described, he spat!!! but it seemed like he almost vomitted and he painted the rest of the wall in red.(you can do that too,chew a leaf called pan and you can do the same freakin act!)..jeez!!! now that act did make me discover that it was red everywhere..on the walls , on the ground ,on the chairs ,on the window panels, tables ,on thier own freakin attire!! ..I just said to myself that I had made myself a goddammed BIG entry...THE CITY OF RED LOCALES WELCOMES MJ.....

Sunday, June 8, 2008


WELL well ,, good to be back again.. my days in don bosco were over.... I was really sad that I had to miss my friends.. (courtesy:mom),.. PETIT SEMINAIRE..was the name it read on the huge board just before the porch.. I hated it !!.. having entered already, I jus discovered all eyes were watching over me with a bit of suprise.. (you know.. everybody hates that!!!).. I didnt really know why they kept thier freakin eyes all over me!..suddenly.. I found someone holding my shoulder.It was an elderly guy .he looked pleasant , he wishpered into my ears that i was not in uniform.. (jeez!!.. did I know tht!!!.. )I found my goddammed tie missing.. I didnt make a move.. it was 8:20 already.. not only I had my home far from my school but also I dint knw the way back to my home ([:D] ..ohhkk it happened) .. and I was preparin myself to face the P.E.T teacher.. I happened to know only a little about him before comin there. Anyway I was definitely sure that he is not gonna spare me.Five minutes later I saw a guy in his forties walkin briskly towards the group of students who were detained for not being punctual.. (in school of 6800 students ,you just find a group of ten people coming late!!)the guy had an old fashioned shirt with modern track pants (wierd).He stopped by and was busily conversing with every student. Five of the students were already sent back to their respective classes, meanwhile the elderly guy behind me said that he was the P.E.T teacher.."Is he really ? "asked I, the elderly guy was a bit suprised"are you a new comer here?" ... "yeah, whats the big deal?",.."hey kid , I guess you'd be spared.. and meanwhile do you know who i am?". "not a clue sir.."was my reply..the guy adjusted his watch as he said "I am the vice-principal of the school"..I felt cold for a moment and I could also hear the P.E.T teacher caning the rest of the late comers(appearences are always deceptive!), not uttering a word I turned to the V.P. he had a big grin , he asked for my school diary ,he turned over to remarks page and began scribbling "your ward has been found not in uniform, please make it a point that he doesnt come like the same in the future.... yours trully , antony raj".. the V.P now got a sterner look in his face and he said "get it signed , understood.. and make sure that you dont make my pen scribble here again.. now you got that"..." yes sir!!..", I collected my diary back and I walked fast towards nothin because I didnt know the way to the classroom, this time I was helped by the gardener, "9-A" was the name written on the door .. I found the teacher already inside dictating something..

"may I please come in , sir"he gave an odd look and hardly opening his mouth he uttered
"you are 5 mins late!!"...
"but sir , I can explain that"...
"really, what are you going to tell me??"..
"I'm new to this place and I didnt know the way to the class room"..
"your roll no?"...
"no 34 ,sir" ..
"aah .. so your name is manoj prabhakar , come in kid , find yourself a seat".

I chose a corner seat in the last row, I bent my head down so that the teacher could not see me , I turned to the next boy and said

"hi , i'm manoj.. whts ur name?"...
"shhhhhhh!!" was his reply..
"wht?..shhh then?"..
" i cant hear you ,you could have said a bit louder!!"..
"OF COURSE , MAY I HELP U MASTER MANOJ" replied the teacher who was already by my side.
"no thank you ,sir actually I was just asking him what has been taught so far"..
"whtever it is .. discussions only after class hours, you got that"....
"yes, sir"...

the class was finally over.. I turned to the next guy and said

"hi shhh"...
"well its shyam.. whats urs?.. well no need i know yours and I know what your going to ask me, last class was geography and the teacher's name is antony sami , well he'd been teachin nothin today, I guess you 'd know that and..."
"will u plz alllow me to talk"..
"go ahead frnd.. afterall i was waitin for that.. this is supposed to be a new place for you, isnt it?.. dnt worry.. and.. "
"enough"i replied sternly..
"u said u want to tell me something?"
"yeah , NICE TO MEET U!!!!" ..
he had a big grin...the day in my school was over, and you know it was really a sickening experience, poof!! "am dead.... so dead.."I was reapting the phrase as my bus took me home, I reached was already there standing by the door giving a big smile, I pretended not to notice it and went straight into my room and returned back doing nothing and said "get me back to my old school or am not going eat anymore "... "well thats great! man , you have just reduced your mom's work!! "replied dad..I went back saying"jeez !!its hapening!! "

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


HELO everyone, This is Business and this is being described by M. Manoj. well I would like that clipped to MJ. Ahh i guess it sounds better.. Well I was just wondering if i badly needed this blog.  On the contrary I never had an idea of scribbling one. I thought stuffs like these suck!!. I cant blame anyone if this happened and as always it jus happened. Travelling back into my pages of history, somewher in 1990 probably on march 10. Mom had just then discovered so late that I had been troubling her much. You know memories are sweet but I hardly remember any of them, as a Big guy now as I hardly remember anything that I did. It is really useless spewing up a fairy tale with a vain hope of fascinating my audience :P Well to start of with, here is a little something for you. I had my initial schooling years in DON BOSCO. Suprisingly I loved my moments there. It was almost 14 years when I had to leave that school and I got myself enrolled in an another school. This time it was PETIT SEMINAIRE, it is a french phrase meaning small seminary just to mean sarcastically that it was BIG. Presently am in NIT bhopal doing my B'tech in Information Technology , am in my first year now as the date would speak ! Well finally this blog will host the rants of an icon. let's get 2 know what, where and why. he, she and they had a part in my story.