Sunday, June 8, 2008


WELL well ,, good to be back again.. my days in don bosco were over.... I was really sad that I had to miss my friends.. (courtesy:mom),.. PETIT SEMINAIRE..was the name it read on the huge board just before the porch.. I hated it !!.. having entered already, I jus discovered all eyes were watching over me with a bit of suprise.. (you know.. everybody hates that!!!).. I didnt really know why they kept thier freakin eyes all over me!..suddenly.. I found someone holding my shoulder.It was an elderly guy .he looked pleasant , he wishpered into my ears that i was not in uniform.. (jeez!!.. did I know tht!!!.. )I found my goddammed tie missing.. I didnt make a move.. it was 8:20 already.. not only I had my home far from my school but also I dint knw the way back to my home ([:D] ..ohhkk it happened) .. and I was preparin myself to face the P.E.T teacher.. I happened to know only a little about him before comin there. Anyway I was definitely sure that he is not gonna spare me.Five minutes later I saw a guy in his forties walkin briskly towards the group of students who were detained for not being punctual.. (in school of 6800 students ,you just find a group of ten people coming late!!)the guy had an old fashioned shirt with modern track pants (wierd).He stopped by and was busily conversing with every student. Five of the students were already sent back to their respective classes, meanwhile the elderly guy behind me said that he was the P.E.T teacher.."Is he really ? "asked I, the elderly guy was a bit suprised"are you a new comer here?" ... "yeah, whats the big deal?",.."hey kid , I guess you'd be spared.. and meanwhile do you know who i am?". "not a clue sir.."was my reply..the guy adjusted his watch as he said "I am the vice-principal of the school"..I felt cold for a moment and I could also hear the P.E.T teacher caning the rest of the late comers(appearences are always deceptive!), not uttering a word I turned to the V.P. he had a big grin , he asked for my school diary ,he turned over to remarks page and began scribbling "your ward has been found not in uniform, please make it a point that he doesnt come like the same in the future.... yours trully , antony raj".. the V.P now got a sterner look in his face and he said "get it signed , understood.. and make sure that you dont make my pen scribble here again.. now you got that"..." yes sir!!..", I collected my diary back and I walked fast towards nothin because I didnt know the way to the classroom, this time I was helped by the gardener, "9-A" was the name written on the door .. I found the teacher already inside dictating something..

"may I please come in , sir"he gave an odd look and hardly opening his mouth he uttered
"you are 5 mins late!!"...
"but sir , I can explain that"...
"really, what are you going to tell me??"..
"I'm new to this place and I didnt know the way to the class room"..
"your roll no?"...
"no 34 ,sir" ..
"aah .. so your name is manoj prabhakar , come in kid , find yourself a seat".

I chose a corner seat in the last row, I bent my head down so that the teacher could not see me , I turned to the next boy and said

"hi , i'm manoj.. whts ur name?"...
"shhhhhhh!!" was his reply..
"wht?..shhh then?"..
" i cant hear you ,you could have said a bit louder!!"..
"OF COURSE , MAY I HELP U MASTER MANOJ" replied the teacher who was already by my side.
"no thank you ,sir actually I was just asking him what has been taught so far"..
"whtever it is .. discussions only after class hours, you got that"....
"yes, sir"...

the class was finally over.. I turned to the next guy and said

"hi shhh"...
"well its shyam.. whats urs?.. well no need i know yours and I know what your going to ask me, last class was geography and the teacher's name is antony sami , well he'd been teachin nothin today, I guess you 'd know that and..."
"will u plz alllow me to talk"..
"go ahead frnd.. afterall i was waitin for that.. this is supposed to be a new place for you, isnt it?.. dnt worry.. and.. "
"enough"i replied sternly..
"u said u want to tell me something?"
"yeah , NICE TO MEET U!!!!" ..
he had a big grin...the day in my school was over, and you know it was really a sickening experience, poof!! "am dead.... so dead.."I was reapting the phrase as my bus took me home, I reached was already there standing by the door giving a big smile, I pretended not to notice it and went straight into my room and returned back doing nothing and said "get me back to my old school or am not going eat anymore "... "well thats great! man , you have just reduced your mom's work!! "replied dad..I went back saying"jeez !!its hapening!! "

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something always happens on 1st day everywhere man, may be everyone knows that and thats y we all are excited bout the 1st days. Good start man. all the best.