Tuesday, April 8, 2008


HELO everyone, This is Business and this is being described by M. Manoj. well I would like that clipped to MJ. Ahh i guess it sounds better.. Well I was just wondering if i badly needed this blog.  On the contrary I never had an idea of scribbling one. I thought stuffs like these suck!!. I cant blame anyone if this happened and as always it jus happened. Travelling back into my pages of history, somewher in 1990 probably on march 10. Mom had just then discovered so late that I had been troubling her much. You know memories are sweet but I hardly remember any of them, as a Big guy now as I hardly remember anything that I did. It is really useless spewing up a fairy tale with a vain hope of fascinating my audience :P Well to start of with, here is a little something for you. I had my initial schooling years in DON BOSCO. Suprisingly I loved my moments there. It was almost 14 years when I had to leave that school and I got myself enrolled in an another school. This time it was PETIT SEMINAIRE, it is a french phrase meaning small seminary just to mean sarcastically that it was BIG. Presently am in NIT bhopal doing my B'tech in Information Technology , am in my first year now as the date would speak ! Well finally this blog will host the rants of an icon. let's get 2 know what, where and why. he, she and they had a part in my story.