Thursday, December 31, 2009

FIRST LOOK - contd

Having spent a hysterical evening. I could not refrain myself from forgetting the evening. [P.s] Nothing Fancy, I figured it might be better if I scribbled it out here considering the volatility of my memory.

I indeed wish I had a better story to rant/tirade on, Probably you've heard much of this before, This could just be just another "Man, I wish I didn't do that" Talk!

well, before we begin, I need to take something off of my chest. Something, I've been thinking for a while now. Which Category of Music/Singing best uses the vocal capabilities a person. Not sure if this is even up for a debate. I listen to music which is not very popular among my peers. And that doesn't mean I hear weird stuff. It occurs to me that the type of songs (R&B) which I frequently listen to is completely considered crap by most of my peers, One of the songs I can think of now is "Come by me" by Harry Connick Jr. I assume most would not have any idea about him. Still, agreed to disagree. So the genres/categories like metal, pop, techno, dubstep constitute the hot slings of modern music weaponry, I may pick pop from the above list mostly for its pleasant tunes than the others. Talking about metal, I don't think I require much lab work to narrow them down to one word, that is "Noise". "Heavy Metal/Rock/Metal ..Heavier Metal .. Whatever" all sound the same, don't they ? The "Music" they are looking for is just down to how good a person can shout/swear in symphony. It is otherwise "hard work" in developing a temperamental attitude among the other group of listeners but yes, Are they Standout Vocalists ?, Probably  yes and Are they good with Band Names?, Let me just leave that to you  (eg, Stone temple pilots, matchbox 20 etc) a few I've come across. Probably They look at it now and realize, "Dude, I was so stoned that night, I browned out on the name part"

December the 7th, 2009, Dum Dum, kolkata

Not long ago this happens, I always have a Journey I wish I had forgotten.

Kolkata Metro, a celebrated ride for much of the people in kolkata, an experience which I highly recommend for the city visitors. an inspiration which I hope does move on to other cities. This place has to be given some credit for its flawless maintenance considering the years of service it has been on.

We got down at Dum Dum metro and were frantically looking at random directions for the "exit" sign. There was a huge mob leaving towards a direction. Well, we followed them. that led us to the Dum Dum local railway station. Unaware that both services are operated by different governing bodies and having not found or confirmed anything about the ticket counter we were looking for on the direction we trodded, We didn't welcome the sight of the ticket inspector at the corner harrying passengers.

As we passed by, he stopped us to ask,
Your tickets ? Well, and that is the only reason I'll ever continue to hate him in my life.

He didn't fancy the sight of the metro tickets we had with us. He had no issues rejecting it outright and said us to follow him to a kiosk where there was this guy possibly a little taller than a midget attempting to conceal his height by sitting on an elevated chair and extra thick trousers. He made a totally poorly attempted busy guy kind of look at us. What followed was a ticket for offending their norms.

A stunned look, A couple of faces shrinking, vying for the other to make a move, We exchanged odd glances. Quite frankly, who'd have thought this was to happen, right ?.

Everyone of us now trying to concentrate. The odds were on the table, his pissing display, our awful bengali, absence of sign boards and the link between the two stations. Nothing really did steer us to making a point until this happened. Rajitesh, a friend who was traveling along with us that evening made the move. He decides something extraordinary and starts parading the two of them, What ensued was how he knew about certain names holding big ranks at the railways and continued that he would end up booking them for harassment.

A stunned look, A couple of faces shrinking, vying for the .. wait, this just happened a while back, didn't it ? 
 What was that all about then ? If there was one thing we should not have tried then it was that.

Well, a nimble hand motion of the TTR dialing some number on his mobile and the words "Hello .. RPF (railway police force)" was enough for us to pull on a sorry face. Playing that card, is sometimes tricky,
We could not blame him for attempting something silly like that. who knew, we might have gotten off with it.
but what went wrong, probably we should have supported him, but could it have made it worse or more ? I don't know, a more diplomatic way of approach could have sufficed. If we really did assume that we broke a law there, trying to misuse their service, Then what was wrong in demanding a better explanation. Negotiations ensued and we settled for a nominal fee after the TTR figured out we were students.

The stumpy beaver and his accomplice did win, slyly though, We could have taken it up with the RPF, but none was ready, we never could be. After all, at the end of the day, the question is, Can you cash all the cheques your mouth has been registering ?

End of Read,  More Junk on the way,

Au revoir

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Happy 2010 everyone !

Sunday, December 13, 2009


"An infection is what that arrives generally after an injury so if you perhaps do not want to play spoilsport with your skin then you have to take an antispectic".

"Mom ! , however directly effective it is, am not having that liquid flow over me. My knee is burning already and that liquid you call anti"whatever" is going get my knee worse in matters of both look and pain"

The above part has nothing to do with whatever am going to write now. I initially thought I might recollect that particular moment when I had a severely bruised knee trying to persuade cheap emotions from people but I neither did achieve attracting anybody's attention that day nor now did I genuinely try to recollect it.

So Lets get this Freakin' post started ..

I've been reading a lot of reviews about kolkata lately and comparing them with Bhopal. The comparison was not steered based on the stereotypic views I have had already about bhopal. Bhopal is a good place indeed. Though I have not talked about it before. This place having had part of my ways changed totally, I must have denounced about this place. Now they don't matter anymore as I have now turned to like this place. The basic description in the reviews stated that the city would be an antique place with modern amenities. Its staggering glory and the simple walks of life it supported made me even more geared up. I thought I was up for an eventful winter with my temporary move to kolkata regarding an intern program in the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata now befalling. I never had the time to count the odds and reckon the list of other possibilities that may have suited, I simply had to accede right away.

However emphatically I try to brief every read of mine, It often occurs to me that I can never skip a train journey description if it played a part in my illustrious expedition. Though I didn't have much trouble with any of the "question marked people" this time around(the Eunuchs) I managed to travel a 36 hour torpor without a pantry car ! The entire train had no food wagon otherwise. I don't know if there are so many other such trains. The journey was totally unpleasant. But yet, there was a mild breakthrough, the journey was made a bit passing by from an unexpected friend of mine. Thanks again, Adarsh V Jois, for all the trivial conversations that passed by which were totally out of the world, Grade A, Futility.

It was just 5 pm and kolkata was already preparing for the darkness to set in. This unusual thing restricted me in having a personal first view about the city leaving me to concentrate on the uncomfortable journey I was in. Of course, kolkata might have better places to primarily review about but I wish to differ. The local railway station is under my radar.

[P.s. the follow up happened a week after my arrival in kolkata, a good day in the city spoiled by a return trip so as to say]

December the 7th, 2009
I guess I have now reached a level from where I doubt if I can talk about railways again or would expect anything curious in my journeys to follow. Any of the description that follows shall not be influenced by the allegations I made of the same before. It just gets me worse as I try to explore every celebrated journey of mine. For the first time, I underwent the experience or preferably the wrath, every rural Indian has been facing , it is simple, the problem is "space". Make your preferable imaginations, it was 10 people in one square meter area. No possible room for the slightest movement of any kind, a strong and vile emanating stench, Staring individuals who looked like they were actually not pleased with the uncomfortable stature of mine and finally to make my description still more interesting, there was this individual (vendor) in the middle all curious trying to make a sale of his overcooked snack. He should probably be the stupidest of all in the crowd. No wonder he should probably not bother "how" or look disappointed, when he finally notices the diminishing count in the number of packets he had brought with him. Can't really blame him for trying to impress people with his antics. Most of my time inside the train went out desperately in reach for fresh air. I also had to keep a look on my pockets as well which normally wouldn't have occurred to me if it was for unless Rajitesh (a friend again), who earlier that morning had his mobile flicked away.

One conclusion finally, if you are still dreaming of a developed means of transportation to see here. maybe it has some metros which can satisfy the standards you may expect but certainly not the government railways. It is clearly out of reach to see one with a lot of potential and corrupted barriers in place. For all those positive reviews ! here it is , in your face !

Man, this sucks, I feel like writing more but my Quant guide is here.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Earlier that morning, I checked through the contents of my blog and had been thinking or rather worrying since then if this was how everybody had been maintaining their piece of E work as well. I thought it was gonna take me some 5 minutes or something to get over this "thought-for-the-moment" thing. Minutes went to hours and them hours moved to days and voila, I come here After a month.

So, No fussy braggings today, I hope. I didnt know earlier that I was gonna have too many posts about my school. Anyways, things happening isn't really an unwelcome visitor as far as it concerns me. Hate one today, Love the same tomorrow and punch the same the day after ! And Since I believe nothing seems to be stalling me now, Hello , by the way ..

Here are some pictures which would relate to the now "showy" appearances of my school. I can boast a bit. Well, Why can't I ? It has a big history probably starting from 1844 having a string of famous stewards and bishops living, making money, burping and dying throughout the way. It has been a long way for 'em. So The Stewards eh ? I have never known much about 'em. Their full white robe right from their neck to toe has always amused me. I've always had bad experiences with 'em and I tell you, I have no idea what makes em to wear a vexed face all the time ! Be it a whatsoever time. The adjective "Smiling" has probably never qualified 'em. Anyways, If people claim that the above remark was blasphemous, I have a verb and a noun for 'em !

I actually meant "Get over it" :P but I do appreciate the way your thought might have triggered :P

So, the picture to the left just shows how old a building can be. Talking about my school, It turned into an english institution somewhere like around 1904. Too bad that the language French wasn't really much of a linguistic hit here. Maybe the majority of the tongues weren't ready yet to support the new style of talking. But yeah, I can say "The French" made a better government than "The British". The French prefered prettier streets than The British :D and now about the pic again. That would probably be the oldest part of my school. I still have no idea if they are gonna leave that building as a piece of history or are they gonna revamp it ! It used to be my lab for physical sciences and about the tree that stares the building, It is a Freakin' old tree for nature's sake.

Well anyway though, here is the place for which I've always had mixed feelings about. That building through those series of bushes is probably the one place which I 'd never wish to stare at. It boasts itself with the name "La Salle Escande" . There is nothing too big really. It is just a hall where students write their exams. It is a big hall indeed and can host people of big numbers probably like a thousand. Now the other feeling I have for it is that why should such a place be built near such a garden. I can remember my time making a choice to whether stare at that garden or not whilst there was a dire need for me to concentrate on my papers.

[P.s.] The garden isn't as luring as I tend to describe. whenever there appears to be a screwed up moment during the examination, the sight of this garden would be a bit convincing :P And yet, turning heads to the slighest degree away from the paper was considered copying in my school and what can I say ? If I tell them I was rather tryin to get a peak at the garden. Are they going to greet me with glittering smiles ? Man, I wish I had someother time to rant over them.

In its historical 160 years till now, there were just two Morons who took benefit of it. They tried playing over that roof and they fell breaking it right onto the benches underneath. I wasnt a part of the school when this particular Freaked up thing happened. It was supposedly called the worst moment my school's history. They did survive but with broken femurs and metatarsals. I wish they had a try for it again for more benign results :D

Thats it for the time that has flown so far ..

Au Revoir ..

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Sunday, June 28, 2009


Note: I started scribbling this on the night of the 27th of may , 2009. God bless my laziness !

Barcelona won and what a match it was, Roma 2009 is theirs now. A guy, 5 foot 7 inches tall which makes pretty much my height, ironically headed in a cross from Xavi to the goal ! (K , I wouldn't have headed that in had I been in that position, it was just an ambiguous attempt claiming Lionel Messi is my height :D) Screw the times where only tall men dominated the heading style of scoring. What were United's High profile Six footed defenders doin' ? Not their Bad. Lemme end biddin' em a piece of luck in their next campaign.

And Barcelona isn't the kind of Football Club that I go vauntin' about but They are a good team. They 've money, they 've quality and they 've a couple of players from Arsenal ! Am not kidding, they are indeed a great club when they can make a 13 million pound (104.3 crore Rs approx ) signing "Alexander Hleb" ( An Ex-Arsenal player again) sit in their benches ! It would have been really bad had they lost after having a lucky semi final win against the deserving Chelsea. Well anyways, They made a brilliant game against the Pompous English Team during the final. Well, Talking about Arsenal F.C. a.k.a. The Gunners. I've been under the strings of Arsenal for about 2 years now and they have not won anything yet. Actually they ve not been winning anything for 4 years now. Well, as always and as the team reels in, let us just Keep the Damm Faith till the end !

The football fuzz, I guess that is what I have been talking about now. I wasn't intersested in this thing since I got to watch the infamous Arsenal vs Manchester Utd match up in the winters of 2007.

I really have forgotten my reasons for falling for this game. Maybe I have one or two personalities who've been responsible for pulling me into this atmosphere. It was Francesc Fabregas, an Arsenal and spain regular and S.G. Shrinivas (nah ! this guy isnt a footballer ! just another Manchester Utd fan and friend, duh !) who played the better part. Infact I remember my reasons for hating it though when I wasn't a big brag about the game. I hated the style it had and the wild goose chase it portrayed. Anyways now, It is time for a change ! and I now seek no revenge :D

On a Reader's request,
If you don't watch football, then here is something which you might consider.

Note: Some of the phrases here were indeed imagined and adapted to make the read better.
Title 1 - "Know your better-half better"

Girl- What do you know about love ?
Boy- I dunno, heard that it causes butterflies to fly around one's head.
Girl- Seriously ? Thats so cute :)
Boy- Yeah, I guess so.
Girl- well, You want butterflies around your head right now ?
Boy- Did you say butterflies, Man, I've always wondered how do they fly ?
Girl- ( leaves ! )

Title 2 - "A best friend's work"

Friend 1 - Dude, you look sad, what is up ?
Friend 2 - Everything sucks ! I just don't want to get reminded about anything.
Friend 1 - oh, Thats bad bro, Know what ? Just remember this, whenever you look up at the sky at night. You come to a conclusion that the worthiest star is actually the one which shines the most.
Friend 2 - What do you think you are getting at now ?
Friend 1 - Am trying to console you. You getting any better ?
Friend 2 - Know what ? you are the sickest person I've ever seen.

3 - "Getting along" aka "Flirtin"

Boy- Hey, I just saw a girl and she looked exactly like you.
Girl- wow, Really ?
Boy- yeah, but then there was this difference.
Girl- what ?
Boy- She wasn't beautiful :D

Deal sealed ;)

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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello, people .. Well, ummm, Was it the right word ? I exactly don't know, I actually meant, people as it would describe those mixed humans in common, not kind of anything, in particular.

I agree that was a gross begining, I apologize for not having anything written out here for quite a while. I wouldn't say, I was occupied or I was concentrating on something else. Well, the recent times has been a big pain frantically. Maybe it was because of my short semester with a tough schedule in place. In the meanwhile, I had some acquaintances coming in and some going out :) Arsenal's struggling run and its desperation to make a stance of its lost glory was on the run as well and finally, there it was, my project, which got late recogonition of my nerve adding up to all those hefty assignments. That was quite too much for a lazy brat so as to consider and to be precise. But you know what ? Now that everything is over. Snap 'em because I am here now and lets get this on the floor ! Lord, gift my presence and may nothing happen to me whilst I write this down.

Wait a min .

I just saw a shooting star. Geez, I can't believe I made a wish before it vanished. I've been having this "be the wise guy" thing in my mind for quite a while these days but situations like these have ironically put an end to it. Anyway, It was a bit later I discovered how hatefully detesful I have been to myself because at that moment all that came to my mind was If I could have Hunan chicken. That is quite a waste of a wish. Manipulating the odds as I turned to my roomie, he gave me a look which made me think right away that the sight of the vanishing star was more convincing than his dirty look. Figuring that he wanted to talk something dirty. I pretended to be gazing at the empty dark sky soliloquizing. And he said..
- That is a freakin' plane.
- Aww snap ! Your envious, arent you, my wish is gonna be true.
- Sheww, get a life ..
- Why would I ? tell me this. If it had not been a shooting star, What was all about the flashin' and vanshin' then ?
- You are that dumb ? maybe It could have been through some dense cloud.
- Aww snap again. Am not changing my mind here.
- What a grease-head !
- Excuse me, If you didn't know. That just kissed my ears.
- Good grief, I thought I was pretty low with my voice.

The hunan chicken thing might have been a nice boost actually and it would have for sure had me writing with all my enthusiasm binding together. It just went crashing down as I peeped through the window again to confirm myself when I found the vanished light reappearing. I pretended not to be aware of it as I turned. I had those same dirty eyes staring at me. I didn't know he was actually into it that close and was watching me for quite a while to get a point to hold at.
well, what do I say ?
- I just saw that and you ... have already explained me about that.

I should have rather stayed with the "be the blah- blah" thing. what a mess :-|

Fine let me get back to my post. But wait. Unusually there has been too much shaking of my hand lately and I guess my fingers are getting numb because of that. I presume I'm facing these problems because of the sticky keys of my keyboard and if you are still looking for some complications of that rubbishly related sentences, I give up. If those sentences did make a sense of any kind to you, I better stop having poorly sequenced reasons made and attend the door which is being knocked. knocking eh ? Thats a suprise in a guy's hostel.

- Stop lickin' my door and come in ! will you ?
- Hey, am gonna watch Raaz. you in ? Said Hemang.
- What is it about ? I mean, kind ?
- horror ! arrrrgh.
- what was that accompanying horror ? SFX uh ?
- yeah kind of but Get to the point, Are you in ?
- Thanks for asking anyways but you might have to find a different pervert today.
- whats up ?
- Horror ain't my kind.
- oh, ok.

A scary movie huh ? nah ! I would just wish. let us better not talk more about it. I agree I have made a huge mess already trying get something laid from my mind. Boy, am in a spoilt mood :P It was first the hunan chicken and now the movie I presume. With both in mind I could think of nothing but butterflies.

well, Why butterflies ?...
I wish I had some other time to explain that.

Au revoir ,

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Monday, February 2, 2009


Maybe somewhere during the late half of 2k8

- Well .. It has been a long time since you've made a walk, your ride aint working as well, why don't you have a walk ? It sure ain't bad.
- Duh ! Let me reconsider this again, legs going to and fro , panting ..
Nah ! I don't wanna walk !..
- you've grown so lazy !
- oh well don't you put that straight on my face like that. You are a fat ..

It wasn't new , I ve had a lot of conversations with my own self, no wonder, I have had most of my soliloquizing moments when am waiting.

5:30 pm, The moment, cool blue evening :) Lord bless the streets of PDY :)

Clean ! The sky is amazing. I don't see anything new there except for the black dots in it moving swiftly around exhibiting wonderful aviation skills. Many a time I would lose my mind thinking why men can't fly as free as a crow would . I would normally end up abusing the corvidae guy :) Crow eh ? they would never know ! damm , I see it anywhere near my house , am gonna dump him for it never said me how to fly !
30 minutes and counting !! if am gonna see Ashish again , am gonna dump him too , he does know that there was a specified time for us to kickstart our walking today and still it was sick watching him turn out very late with his canine lighting up his smile , well I guess it now explains my attitude towards the crow as to the question "why" :)

- Shall we move ?
- Were you even having a doubt with that ?
- Am sorry, Am late , I know , Now whats up man , Mom made a hard game today . I had a tough time breaching it .
- Wow , you talking about mind games ? Your Mom is a kinda genious then .
- Shut it, I mean , she was in no mood to leave me out , you know , kinda adamant .
- you stop with that man , would you ever try being like the same towards your girlfriend ?
- Dont remind me about her . Am distressed already .
- The usual . screw it then .
- Am distressed really ..
- So are you gonna talk about it then ?
- We had a fight , it got very worse ..
- Aww gee , Look there !
- where ?
- The dog , doesnt it look like jimmy ?
- very much indeed . hey you not listening ? well ok , lets continue our stroll talking nothing .
- Relax retard, how worse is it ?
- very worse .
- thats gross for you this time then .
- well am angry, she made one hell of a mess. I finally said her to stop talking with me again and that if she talked I'm going to be mad at her again.
- Bad again but I still don't have a clue what your problem is.
- well am more angrier now .
- Has it had a difference ?
- Well, I havent heard from her since then .
- huh ?
- yeah , she has neither messaged me nor called me since then .
- Do I look like a kinda moron to you ?
- What ?
- How would you be expecting her to talk again when you said her not be doing so.
- Well , am missing her ..
- (A heavy sigh), You guys will sure get back talking..
- you sure ? well how ?
- She is no BRAINIAC either taking a guess that she has found you of all people !
- Hey, would it be nice if I called her on the phone now ?
- Well, would it be nice if I punched you on your face now ?
- lets walk ! I had better talked about it to someone else.
- thats so late ! I find the road more convincing than your story !

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Monday, December 8, 2008


Look through ! .. forget everything and keep moving forward ! If you guys couldnt still figure it out , the line was ripped from the movie "Meet the Robinsons"..

Too bad that I've to start this post in an abrupt manner.

-Isnt the delhi techfest around the corner ? .. said naveen !

-yeah, it is ! said ram in his usual low pitched voice.

I wouldn't really say that our team was devoid of enthusiasm and involvement . It was a team of 4 including the 2 guys above alongside me and kumar G.V. The team was formed to battle the HEAVY LIFTER challenge at IIT delhi. A huge event so as to consider only to later discover that most of the people who participated in it were in and around MP :-|

The plan for the bot that was to be made was quite ready with naveen taking the lead in designing it , the bot had to carry the weight sample which weighed around 1 kg and it had to put it in a hole , It was not just us gearing up for the event TRYST '08 , almost everyone from the college were taking up a particular event from the technical festival and were busy workin over it. Infact we had our own friends rivalling the challenge we had taken ! It was prabhakaran with balaji and harsha.

Somewhere during the break we had ..

-We are timed out ! .. we need to submit the abstract today ! .. well the organiser has to check them and he has to make a goddammed reply as well !.. whatever goes by, you do know that everything has to happen by tomorrow , right ? Are you even listening ? ..

- yes, I am, said Ram ..
- well then why are we staring at each other ?
-I dont have to stare at you ... -or do I have to ?..
-well I have a lab period tomorrow, ask Kumar ! ..
-well I have to brush my teeth tomorrow ! so you can ask someone else to do this work for you !
-Relax ! .. We'll sure have a positive end .. Let us complete the absract today with the others .. and yeah lets leave the drawing part to naveen ..

Delhi (28-02-2008, 7 :00 am)

Delhi just looked fuzzy ! We didnt waste much time as we got off from the station. we hired a cab and we started off to IIT delhi, we had to get there early to avoid the usual problems in getting the accomodations done.

The first day, we just lazed around the capital as we had our accomodations done and the events were supposed to start on the following day.

Tryst '08 would be a phenomenal success. we were just counting at it looking forward to the hype surrounding it.
On the day of the event, as it would occur in almost all places. we were made to wait unconditionally for quite a long time. meanwhile we had enough time to look at the other bots and make cheap comments on 'em soothing ourselves over the thought that our bot would just be terrorizing throughout ! But you know what ? It was later we discovered that we might have as well designed a wrong model. when we looked at the title of the event again. It was "lifting" the object and the word dragging was not mentioned. Our model was near both dragging and lifting but it was dragging 70% and lifting 30% :P I can't explain the odds. It was an engineering feat to us brought about by the application of a conveyor belt. After making a last minute change to it, with now our model would just "lift", It still appeared terrorizing to us (well , it just looked ! ) And huge as it was, it was too hard for him to pass through the little maze in the arena for everytime it had to hit the walls and we had a point going out. It had a poor show overall and to make matters worse our rivalling team finished second.

-You guys look sad ! said girish and aditya who came by
-Nope ! , forget it . it is just that we are planning to go for a movie now :D. wouldn that sound good ?
-well that would be a great idea ..

PVR Priya, Basant Lok, delhi (02-03-2008, 8:00 pm)
It was a great night to start of with (I mean that part of the night after the event) , the place looked posh , it had a lot of people which much guys would prefer to stare at . Well I had myself looking at people as well :D.. But still , there was something odd , we had to do everything in a hurry . We got tickets for the movie "Vantage Point" . We knew nothing about it , the sight of whitaker in one of the posters had us agree that it would be a good movie worth passing time with . The show was at 8:35 . We still had time to kill , one of us came with the idea of "Window shopping" ..

- duh ! window shopping ? I exclaimed ??
-yeah dude ! why not ? .. you know, you get to watch people ?
- people ? .. dont you see em here !
-ok lets go ! you are not getting me I guess ..
-oh well I would like to get at it ...

-Shut up .. and just follow ..
@ punk store !

-That guy in the picture , he is che guvera right ? .. man I see him everywhere, was he a punk kinda guy ?

-does it really matter to you ? said girish who was looking tired already ..
you come to a punk store to check posters ? .. get a life .. dude !

-was just curious , but hey you wont have your kind of people visiting punk stores ! you think girls are into punk ?

- really ? lets check upstairs !
- doesnt make a difference ..
- there ! .. look at her !
- dude ! .. you were indeed correct. she does look ..
- stop!
- stop what ?
- I dont wanna listen that word from you ..
- let me finish the word . it is senstive ! .. that was the word ! ..
- duh !
- duh what ?
- nothing, I should ve expected that. It was really stupid of me to expect a word of that kind from you !
- so , You checked her out ?
-Check what of her out ?
- you heard me.
- I was on it already but I dont find her sensitive !
-ok I was kiddin , lets hit the theatre .. we re outta time !

@the theatre ! ..

Girish was checking his watch already after I interrupted him ...

-you hunting down anything ?
-hmm .. we gotta stop by my uncle's place on our way back !
-what ? .. you kiddin me ?
-nope ! but we gotta go ..
-hey, the uncle visit wasnt a part of our schedule ..
-yeah, It wasnt but it is now :D..
-Do you know how a douche bag looks like ?
-nah ! I dunno !
-check your freakin' mirror !

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