Monday, February 2, 2009


Maybe somewhere during the late half of 2k8

- Well .. It has been a long time since you've made a walk, your ride aint working as well, why don't you have a walk ? It sure ain't bad.
- Duh ! Let me reconsider this again, legs going to and fro , panting ..
Nah ! I don't wanna walk !..
- you've grown so lazy !
- oh well don't you put that straight on my face like that. You are a fat ..

It wasn't new , I ve had a lot of conversations with my own self, no wonder, I have had most of my soliloquizing moments when am waiting.

5:30 pm, The moment, cool blue evening :) Lord bless the streets of PDY :)

Clean ! The sky is amazing. I don't see anything new there except for the black dots in it moving swiftly around exhibiting wonderful aviation skills. Many a time I would lose my mind thinking why men can't fly as free as a crow would . I would normally end up abusing the corvidae guy :) Crow eh ? they would never know ! damm , I see it anywhere near my house , am gonna dump him for it never said me how to fly !
30 minutes and counting !! if am gonna see Ashish again , am gonna dump him too , he does know that there was a specified time for us to kickstart our walking today and still it was sick watching him turn out very late with his canine lighting up his smile , well I guess it now explains my attitude towards the crow as to the question "why" :)

- Shall we move ?
- Were you even having a doubt with that ?
- Am sorry, Am late , I know , Now whats up man , Mom made a hard game today . I had a tough time breaching it .
- Wow , you talking about mind games ? Your Mom is a kinda genious then .
- Shut it, I mean , she was in no mood to leave me out , you know , kinda adamant .
- you stop with that man , would you ever try being like the same towards your girlfriend ?
- Dont remind me about her . Am distressed already .
- The usual . screw it then .
- Am distressed really ..
- So are you gonna talk about it then ?
- We had a fight , it got very worse ..
- Aww gee , Look there !
- where ?
- The dog , doesnt it look like jimmy ?
- very much indeed . hey you not listening ? well ok , lets continue our stroll talking nothing .
- Relax retard, how worse is it ?
- very worse .
- thats gross for you this time then .
- well am angry, she made one hell of a mess. I finally said her to stop talking with me again and that if she talked I'm going to be mad at her again.
- Bad again but I still don't have a clue what your problem is.
- well am more angrier now .
- Has it had a difference ?
- Well, I havent heard from her since then .
- huh ?
- yeah , she has neither messaged me nor called me since then .
- Do I look like a kinda moron to you ?
- What ?
- How would you be expecting her to talk again when you said her not be doing so.
- Well , am missing her ..
- (A heavy sigh), You guys will sure get back talking..
- you sure ? well how ?
- She is no BRAINIAC either taking a guess that she has found you of all people !
- Hey, would it be nice if I called her on the phone now ?
- Well, would it be nice if I punched you on your face now ?
- lets walk ! I had better talked about it to someone else.
- thats so late ! I find the road more convincing than your story !

Stay linked ..
Au revoir ..

P.S. been a little busy. I'll sure have a frequency maintained .. Keep visiting :)