Thursday, October 30, 2008


Wake up !

"It aint ur home lil chuck! , I wont be wakin you up everyday,It is time for coll . Are you getting up now or what ?"....

Vineel does have a hard time with me saying those words as he deliberately tries to wake me up everyday. well I wouldnt say thats me being bad , I do forget sometimes that am in a hostel ,it is not because am in a luring and captivating atmosphere. I take pleasure whenever I sleep ...

Now describing vineel! . He was my roomate for an year ,along with him were two others mayank(guwhati) and stayanarayan(indore) ! ..looks tall , spring haired , lean ,small eyed . well, there is not a work which he doesnt involve with ..:P .. Oh I've had a lot of arguments with him.. 

22 -07 - 2007

sem I ,day 1 ...NIT , Bhopal..

After a filling sleep , I woke up with a view of taking things easy after a disappointing night ! ... It took me time to realise that I was in the capital of a state , it was not because I had just then remembered about its lushing green meadows and gravity defying streets but so said my admit card ..Duh !! This is supposed to be the city of red locales !

I made a quick glance around the room .. everyone were sleeping, I checked my watch,it said 5 am ...I was delighted coz I woke up at such an early hour without an alarm of any kind :)... I thought things would be falling in shape finally as I felt I was being a little responsible...

It was 7:30 when I finished brushing my teeth, if you were wondering what I had been doing since 5 , I just have a big grin to share because I didnt do anything but sleep again ..

First day classes, well needless to say , it was really exciting to watch everyone in their formal wear, with shirts tucked in, black shoes on , well I had to be in that wear too , well apart from that , everyone had to look down like somewhere watchin the third button of their shirt when they were addressing a senior .Every rule was perfectly being maintained as I joined the lot which was marching towards the college from the hostel (And Yeah .. No bikes for the juniors :(..)   

-Hey Manoj .. Are you hitting up the classes ?... wonderin who that familiar voice was . I turned around and found him to be Mr ***(sorry i cant really let his name out here) ..

-yeah I am ..(a perfect nerd look ! no specs but !) 

-whats your branch ?

-I.T.. and you ?

-am in electrical .. 

-good ! .. so you know where you are heading to ?

-no idea ..  dont know where my class is ?

-me neither but it is getting late ... I dont want to miss my first day classes though.. 

-who would be liking that .. hehe..

-you laughed ?

-I chuckled .. well yeah I laughed... 

-you found that funny ?


-were you finding it awfully funny ?

-aargh .. why ?

-nothing but I was wondering that coz your tongue and teeth had some wild movements

-I guess the guy moving there knows where my class is.. I gotta catch up with him..and by the way .. am still finding it funny ..

-You are welcome, am happy I made someone laugh. :) ..   

    I must say that I wasnt really a happy guy that day ,I wasnt really happy with the way I was getting along with guys that day, I felt like I was in some alien planet were you find even trees staring at you . First day , just before I could realise that I had to undergoe a tough time with my seniors for the next 8 months, I got stuck with one of em , I had no other way, he was looking at me as if he was gonna gulp me down .. I felt like sayin him "can you take your freakin eyes off me !  ". I thought I would be able to tell him that straight in his eye as I felt my little nerves risin  but everything just went crashin as I heard ...

- head down .. 

- Excuse me Sir , Good Morning Sir ,

- How are you supposed to wear your shirt ?

- Sir, umm ..well am not pretty sure as this is my first day ..

- werent you sure. Oh thats sweet! ... Are you sure that you are now talking with a senior ?

- Yes Sir .. 

-Why have you folded one of your sleeve while you have left the other unfolded? .. why not the other ? 

-Sir I was in a hurry and I didnt really check it out .. 

-really ? ..well when you come tomorrow .. I need that hand which you are now showin to me to be shaved off ! 

-well, were you really meaning it ?

-well, were you even having a doubt here ?

-nope ..        

- well then do it ... you must be knowing PRETTY sure what might happen if you dont turn up without doing it tomorrow .. 

-yes Sir ..

-you can leave ..

-Well excuse me ..

-what ?

-May I know were my classes are , am supposed to be doing my first yr in IT .. 

-you've got nuts son ! 

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Au revoir..