Thursday, September 11, 2008


Apologies! am back again!
Movies! ..They are one of my best pass times! . I prefer watching most of the movies after I am quite done with its "title".Real life and comedy flicks are a hit with me! ..super hero and romantic movies go chewing hay with me!

Now Running.."M.I.A.. Paperplanes"


Six days since my birthday ..though nothing new around ,celebrating 16 yrs of existence was of course great .. moving out with friends had been a habit since then. Dad was not really satisfied with my new development on the other hand there was mom encouraging me .... there is really a big world out there! so said the frog! and so said ... none!

4:00 pm .....

School work got me dammn tired ..After all those boring lectures having a lemonade sitting on the couch and sipping it like a slug got a bit of me relieved! .."Tom and Jerry" was I guess the program I was watching, watching Tom lose everytime made me hate the show ,"size" does deal with smartness but not all the time. As I was arguing with myself I was awaken by a sharp ping (beep! one message recieved!.....)it was from sharone! (a friend from coaching class)

"hey happy birthday ! ..dont get mad i know am a bit late :D..anywys! how about a coffee today at casablanca ..7pm ...."

It was a good idea .. having a cup of coffee means nothing to me but it means a huge "fairy tale" to my friends...what does really happen about a cup of coffee ...I say "there is nothing but just the caffeine tempting you to have more!"

"sure thing!" was the message I sent back to her..

I went back siping my lemonade and once again....(beep ! !) this time it was from ashish!

"hi...I gotta take jimmy to the docky at 9pm so lets make it at a time such that I get back before 9......
well abt 8? "

8 ,9 ... what is he really talking about !...aarg yeah! ashish had asked me to have dinner outside.... thought of replyin "not now" but as it was his turn to treat me I said "yes"..

7:00 pm!

I was begining to get dressed .I hate it when it comes to dressing ! whatever I put on, mom ll be there to comment, she usually says"I look like a dunce "! ..well what really mattered was that my sis would be there commenting along with her..

Already two messages up,sharone was supposed to be there in 10 mins ,so said the messages!..I hurried outside and I met dad straight in his eye! and as usual I gave him a wicked smile..

-where now?

-dad she ..sorry he is already waitin for me and I got to attend him.

-listen are staying here today , no going out ..

-dad please..

-didnt u hear me ?

-dad...the..the electricity bill ..well yeah i'll check that today ,didnt u tell me to check that two days before..

-now..havent u done that yet..

-dad !..forget it,it is past ! ..i'll get it done today..

-smart way to get out huh..better not come back without gettin it done..


Casablanca was just another restaurant near the beach road . I reached there at around 7:15 ..she was there waiting already ,she seemed like she just got there too but anyway she had her say"you are late" .

well yea am late! ..the traffic got me under my nerve ! and whats wrong with her hair !. .it looks like...

-stop! fine with the way it is..

-well then, your eyes,they look really odd tod....

-just sit down!

-wssup then! ...u look excited..

-lets eat very hungry! .

-sure ! ... 

It really took some time for us to figure out that we were in a restaurant..well yeah.. !After almost 30 mins of waiting the food we ordered arrived!!well not to mention it arrived with the golden teeth of the waiter shown ..

-sorry friend ..there was a little problem with the oven !
well his glitterin yellow teeth made us say .."its ok with us!"

It was getting late,actually very late , I already had four messages from ashish! ..he was waitin for me and he needed to get back home soon.. staring down at the plate I gazed at the patterns on it..
well she broke the silence anyway asking..

-hey are you gonna have anything next?

-yup some l'eau froide!

-whats that!

-I meant cold water in french !

-well really ? well am gonna some "agua"...

-well you have your food ,I gotta go attend someone..

-thats not food silly ! thats again water in spanish![:P]

-[:D] I thought that to be agaricus! .. you had the "a",the "g" n every other letter in the word you just said..

-going through the old smarty pant way huh..

-not really ..hey..I gotta go now.. plzz!

-hmmm ok... see you later ! ...It was not pleasure enough meeting you today ..

-thanks for the coffee ! ..byeee

Finishin those lines I went out fast ! ..
After trying to start my drive for about 10 mins I figured out finally that it went out of gas ... ring ring! .."dad calling"..... (perfect timing)

-Are you done with the work...

-nope dad! ...the bike , I mean ,it went out of gas ... am moving it to the gas station..

-where are you stuck now ? want me to come up there..

-am fine dad!! ...thanks for calling..

Meanwhile she came down chuckling looking at me..

-so you havent left yet?

-[:D] .. can u help me out!

- help?.................... well

- I need your drive ! .. I'll be back here after 15 mins ! you ok with that?

-well yeah ...but am already late! can you cut that to 10 mins?

-no worries ,I'll be right back in a jiffy!

I finally made it to the place! I caught sight of the loser ..he was at the corner enjoying sipping something..I took a place next to him, he chuckled at me but I didnt really care to ask him why he did that....

-so ..lets eat ! ..

-we are indeed going to eat amigo.... you look wet?

-Am sweating idiot

-(chuckles!)You came here running?

-lets order..

-It is done ,the food should be arriving now.

-that was really in a good way your brain cells worked today ! ..

-"jimmy" worried about him..he is having a hard time these days..

-so ..when is it coming ..

-when "what" is mean jimmy..

-nope ..the food!

-It ll be in a while man ...Geez...Are you hunting down anything?

-well ok what happened to jimmy..

-jimmy got bit by a stray dog !

-well thats freakin funny ..your buffalo couldnt dodge the stray one..

-he did !...but the stray one was too smart..

-your dog is as stupid as you!

-stop!.. he took advantage of jimmy's sore knee!

-did jimmy tell that to you or you making that up..

(beep!..) It was from sharone..the message said.."I need to be going now..come quick!" it was really unwelcome at the moment..I turned to ashish..

-the food ..when is it comin..?

-should be now! I guess he is carrying our know what.... I ordered u a big mexican chicken croissant!


-it is the best here!

-[:((]..thanks a ton really but hey I gotta be going quick you eat the mexican something and i'll have a burger that fine.

-but !..

-hey ..what about the dog !..dont you have to take your jerk..sorry jimmy to the vet!'ll really upset him if you dont do it..

-so should we cancel the previous order and order for two burgers instead!..

-thats something brilliant you have ever said..

we really had a hard time convincing the waiter to cancel the previous order , munching down the burger ..there was an  another message ! ..not to mention it was from the girl!.. half done. I went out telling ashish it was an emergency !

I reached casabalanca again at 9:05 pm... I flashed a smile as I saw her. It was not really welcomed. I gave her her ride and I started pulling my bike to the gas station. well...... two hours ! one fierry chicken salad and half burger ,that was all I could eat ..I thought I should atleast check the bill which  dad had asked me to do but he called and asked me to return as it was getting late ....

-thats enough! get back ..the bill is checked! 

Au revoir


Rajalakshmi said...

kewl post man, u describe well!...i do have an elder brother and guess tom n jerry = my brother n me ;-) said...

you are a master in writing down interesting conversations man, you can even write a screenplay. Keep it up buddy.

DANDY said...

hey, your new post was an interesting read..the conversations are so subtle..great work..

GNUger said...

For the first time I have gone through such a lengthy (quite interesting which is obvious though) .. in return just a simple question : how the hell did you recalled each and every conversation which happened sometime in 2006..

And one quote I should mention again : "there is nothing but just the caffeine tempting you to have more!"

MAnoj_TRumPed said...

Thnk u all for readin ..
well this not exactly the conversation that happened .. just the stuffs in it are true ... well in bettr ways I can say is an adaptation ! ..[:)]..