Sunday, December 13, 2009


"An infection is what that arrives generally after an injury so if you perhaps do not want to play spoilsport with your skin then you have to take an antispectic".

"Mom ! , however directly effective it is, am not having that liquid flow over me. My knee is burning already and that liquid you call anti"whatever" is going get my knee worse in matters of both look and pain"

The above part has nothing to do with whatever am going to write now. I initially thought I might recollect that particular moment when I had a severely bruised knee trying to persuade cheap emotions from people but I neither did achieve attracting anybody's attention that day nor now did I genuinely try to recollect it.

So Lets get this Freakin' post started ..

I've been reading a lot of reviews about kolkata lately and comparing them with Bhopal. The comparison was not steered based on the stereotypic views I have had already about bhopal. Bhopal is a good place indeed. Though I have not talked about it before. This place having had part of my ways changed totally, I must have denounced about this place. Now they don't matter anymore as I have now turned to like this place. The basic description in the reviews stated that the city would be an antique place with modern amenities. Its staggering glory and the simple walks of life it supported made me even more geared up. I thought I was up for an eventful winter with my temporary move to kolkata regarding an intern program in the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata now befalling. I never had the time to count the odds and reckon the list of other possibilities that may have suited, I simply had to accede right away.

However emphatically I try to brief every read of mine, It often occurs to me that I can never skip a train journey description if it played a part in my illustrious expedition. Though I didn't have much trouble with any of the "question marked people" this time around(the Eunuchs) I managed to travel a 36 hour torpor without a pantry car ! The entire train had no food wagon otherwise. I don't know if there are so many other such trains. The journey was totally unpleasant. But yet, there was a mild breakthrough, the journey was made a bit passing by from an unexpected friend of mine. Thanks again, Adarsh V Jois, for all the trivial conversations that passed by which were totally out of the world, Grade A, Futility.

It was just 5 pm and kolkata was already preparing for the darkness to set in. This unusual thing restricted me in having a personal first view about the city leaving me to concentrate on the uncomfortable journey I was in. Of course, kolkata might have better places to primarily review about but I wish to differ. The local railway station is under my radar.

[P.s. the follow up happened a week after my arrival in kolkata, a good day in the city spoiled by a return trip so as to say]

December the 7th, 2009
I guess I have now reached a level from where I doubt if I can talk about railways again or would expect anything curious in my journeys to follow. Any of the description that follows shall not be influenced by the allegations I made of the same before. It just gets me worse as I try to explore every celebrated journey of mine. For the first time, I underwent the experience or preferably the wrath, every rural Indian has been facing , it is simple, the problem is "space". Make your preferable imaginations, it was 10 people in one square meter area. No possible room for the slightest movement of any kind, a strong and vile emanating stench, Staring individuals who looked like they were actually not pleased with the uncomfortable stature of mine and finally to make my description still more interesting, there was this individual (vendor) in the middle all curious trying to make a sale of his overcooked snack. He should probably be the stupidest of all in the crowd. No wonder he should probably not bother "how" or look disappointed, when he finally notices the diminishing count in the number of packets he had brought with him. Can't really blame him for trying to impress people with his antics. Most of my time inside the train went out desperately in reach for fresh air. I also had to keep a look on my pockets as well which normally wouldn't have occurred to me if it was for unless Rajitesh (a friend again), who earlier that morning had his mobile flicked away.

One conclusion finally, if you are still dreaming of a developed means of transportation to see here. maybe it has some metros which can satisfy the standards you may expect but certainly not the government railways. It is clearly out of reach to see one with a lot of potential and corrupted barriers in place. For all those positive reviews ! here it is , in your face !

Man, this sucks, I feel like writing more but my Quant guide is here.

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Anand Arasu said...

I agree with u on the lack of space... the population density here is too high... they should invent a better way to travel here... and hey how come u forgot to mention our little run in with the authorities at the railway station...

Manoj . M, Incl said...

dude .. u r phenomenal ! I almost forgot that .. THT trash is going down in my next post ! Man, I love ranting :P

patanjali said...

ur pessimism is awesome
dude u should try and be a diplomat(seriously if u can that sarcasm to sound a bit more positive and i know u speak as well as u can look into it when u sit down and plan ur career:))

PS dont use "freaking" a lot ...kinda takes makes ur blog monotonous but still your style makes up for that

Manoj . M, Incl said...

thnks a ton dude .. Btw , I knw I use "freakin" very much . It is freakin pleasurable to use "freakin" all the time :P

Anywys let me see :D

JanuskieZ said...

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