Thursday, December 31, 2009

FIRST LOOK - contd

Having spent a hysterical evening. I could not refrain myself from forgetting the evening. [P.s] Nothing Fancy, I figured it might be better if I scribbled it out here considering the volatility of my memory.

I indeed wish I had a better story to rant/tirade on, Probably you've heard much of this before, This could just be just another "Man, I wish I didn't do that" Talk!

well, before we begin, I need to take something off of my chest. Something, I've been thinking for a while now. Which Category of Music/Singing best uses the vocal capabilities a person. Not sure if this is even up for a debate. I listen to music which is not very popular among my peers. And that doesn't mean I hear weird stuff. It occurs to me that the type of songs (R&B) which I frequently listen to is completely considered crap by most of my peers, One of the songs I can think of now is "Come by me" by Harry Connick Jr. I assume most would not have any idea about him. Still, agreed to disagree. So the genres/categories like metal, pop, techno, dubstep constitute the hot slings of modern music weaponry, I may pick pop from the above list mostly for its pleasant tunes than the others. Talking about metal, I don't think I require much lab work to narrow them down to one word, that is "Noise". "Heavy Metal/Rock/Metal ..Heavier Metal .. Whatever" all sound the same, don't they ? The "Music" they are looking for is just down to how good a person can shout/swear in symphony. It is otherwise "hard work" in developing a temperamental attitude among the other group of listeners but yes, Are they Standout Vocalists ?, Probably  yes and Are they good with Band Names?, Let me just leave that to you  (eg, Stone temple pilots, matchbox 20 etc) a few I've come across. Probably They look at it now and realize, "Dude, I was so stoned that night, I browned out on the name part"

December the 7th, 2009, Dum Dum, kolkata

Not long ago this happens, I always have a Journey I wish I had forgotten.

Kolkata Metro, a celebrated ride for much of the people in kolkata, an experience which I highly recommend for the city visitors. an inspiration which I hope does move on to other cities. This place has to be given some credit for its flawless maintenance considering the years of service it has been on.

We got down at Dum Dum metro and were frantically looking at random directions for the "exit" sign. There was a huge mob leaving towards a direction. Well, we followed them. that led us to the Dum Dum local railway station. Unaware that both services are operated by different governing bodies and having not found or confirmed anything about the ticket counter we were looking for on the direction we trodded, We didn't welcome the sight of the ticket inspector at the corner harrying passengers.

As we passed by, he stopped us to ask,
Your tickets ? Well, and that is the only reason I'll ever continue to hate him in my life.

He didn't fancy the sight of the metro tickets we had with us. He had no issues rejecting it outright and said us to follow him to a kiosk where there was this guy possibly a little taller than a midget attempting to conceal his height by sitting on an elevated chair and extra thick trousers. He made a totally poorly attempted busy guy kind of look at us. What followed was a ticket for offending their norms.

A stunned look, A couple of faces shrinking, vying for the other to make a move, We exchanged odd glances. Quite frankly, who'd have thought this was to happen, right ?.

Everyone of us now trying to concentrate. The odds were on the table, his pissing display, our awful bengali, absence of sign boards and the link between the two stations. Nothing really did steer us to making a point until this happened. Rajitesh, a friend who was traveling along with us that evening made the move. He decides something extraordinary and starts parading the two of them, What ensued was how he knew about certain names holding big ranks at the railways and continued that he would end up booking them for harassment.

A stunned look, A couple of faces shrinking, vying for the .. wait, this just happened a while back, didn't it ? 
 What was that all about then ? If there was one thing we should not have tried then it was that.

Well, a nimble hand motion of the TTR dialing some number on his mobile and the words "Hello .. RPF (railway police force)" was enough for us to pull on a sorry face. Playing that card, is sometimes tricky,
We could not blame him for attempting something silly like that. who knew, we might have gotten off with it.
but what went wrong, probably we should have supported him, but could it have made it worse or more ? I don't know, a more diplomatic way of approach could have sufficed. If we really did assume that we broke a law there, trying to misuse their service, Then what was wrong in demanding a better explanation. Negotiations ensued and we settled for a nominal fee after the TTR figured out we were students.

The stumpy beaver and his accomplice did win, slyly though, We could have taken it up with the RPF, but none was ready, we never could be. After all, at the end of the day, the question is, Can you cash all the cheques your mouth has been registering ?

End of Read,  More Junk on the way,

Au revoir

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Happy 2010 everyone !


Anand Arasu said...

lol ... 'extraction and harassment' rajthesh was in full form then... btw don't use the word 'freakin' 2 much, it sounds out of place sometimes

Manoj . M, Incl said...

Yah, removed it.

Divyangana Rakesh said...

Good stuff
It's been a while since you've updated your blog though right?
I just updated mine after AGES. Have a look.