Sunday, August 30, 2009


Earlier that morning, I checked through the contents of my blog and had been thinking or rather worrying since then if this was how everybody had been maintaining their piece of E work as well. I thought it was gonna take me some 5 minutes or something to get over this "thought-for-the-moment" thing. Minutes went to hours and them hours moved to days and voila, I come here After a month.

So, No fussy braggings today, I hope. I didnt know earlier that I was gonna have too many posts about my school. Anyways, things happening isn't really an unwelcome visitor as far as it concerns me. Hate one today, Love the same tomorrow and punch the same the day after ! And Since I believe nothing seems to be stalling me now, Hello , by the way ..

Here are some pictures which would relate to the now "showy" appearances of my school. I can boast a bit. Well, Why can't I ? It has a big history probably starting from 1844 having a string of famous stewards and bishops living, making money, burping and dying throughout the way. It has been a long way for 'em. So The Stewards eh ? I have never known much about 'em. Their full white robe right from their neck to toe has always amused me. I've always had bad experiences with 'em and I tell you, I have no idea what makes em to wear a vexed face all the time ! Be it a whatsoever time. The adjective "Smiling" has probably never qualified 'em. Anyways, If people claim that the above remark was blasphemous, I have a verb and a noun for 'em !

I actually meant "Get over it" :P but I do appreciate the way your thought might have triggered :P

So, the picture to the left just shows how old a building can be. Talking about my school, It turned into an english institution somewhere like around 1904. Too bad that the language French wasn't really much of a linguistic hit here. Maybe the majority of the tongues weren't ready yet to support the new style of talking. But yeah, I can say "The French" made a better government than "The British". The French prefered prettier streets than The British :D and now about the pic again. That would probably be the oldest part of my school. I still have no idea if they are gonna leave that building as a piece of history or are they gonna revamp it ! It used to be my lab for physical sciences and about the tree that stares the building, It is a Freakin' old tree for nature's sake.

Well anyway though, here is the place for which I've always had mixed feelings about. That building through those series of bushes is probably the one place which I 'd never wish to stare at. It boasts itself with the name "La Salle Escande" . There is nothing too big really. It is just a hall where students write their exams. It is a big hall indeed and can host people of big numbers probably like a thousand. Now the other feeling I have for it is that why should such a place be built near such a garden. I can remember my time making a choice to whether stare at that garden or not whilst there was a dire need for me to concentrate on my papers.

[P.s.] The garden isn't as luring as I tend to describe. whenever there appears to be a screwed up moment during the examination, the sight of this garden would be a bit convincing :P And yet, turning heads to the slighest degree away from the paper was considered copying in my school and what can I say ? If I tell them I was rather tryin to get a peak at the garden. Are they going to greet me with glittering smiles ? Man, I wish I had someother time to rant over them.

In its historical 160 years till now, there were just two Morons who took benefit of it. They tried playing over that roof and they fell breaking it right onto the benches underneath. I wasnt a part of the school when this particular Freaked up thing happened. It was supposedly called the worst moment my school's history. They did survive but with broken femurs and metatarsals. I wish they had a try for it again for more benign results :D

Thats it for the time that has flown so far ..

Au Revoir ..

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Anand Arasu said...

mapla this is by far your best post yet... keep it up dude... btw y the sudden school passion

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

patanjali said...

dude the piece is interesting but had your nostalgia made you do a bit of research about the current state of our school you 'd ve found out that the photo you ve displayed (the one with that tree) is only a memory now...the labs ve been revamped(that doesn mean the state of education in the labs has...amlor and dorai are still the lab assts.)
the part abt our princi and stewards was nice(my sentiments actually):)
never knew you culd write this cool at skul dude

Manoj . M, Incl said...

@patanjali .. thnks a lot man, As far as I knw I ve been just ventin out my memories I still retain abt my school .. It seriously was one hell of a place .. I miss it badly ..

Manoj . M, Incl said...

@ anand ,as I said, I write whtever tht comes up in my mind. guess it was abt my school tht day.

Doode. said...

you should show this post your school management. I agree with Anand, this is by far your best post. You have an excellent writing style for someone of your age. :)

Manoj . M, Incl said...

@ Sree

Thanks a lot man. That is something that I'm hearing for the first time.