Sunday, June 28, 2009


Note: I started scribbling this on the night of the 27th of may , 2009. God bless my laziness !

Barcelona won and what a match it was, Roma 2009 is theirs now. A guy, 5 foot 7 inches tall which makes pretty much my height, ironically headed in a cross from Xavi to the goal ! (K , I wouldn't have headed that in had I been in that position, it was just an ambiguous attempt claiming Lionel Messi is my height :D) Screw the times where only tall men dominated the heading style of scoring. What were United's High profile Six footed defenders doin' ? Not their Bad. Lemme end biddin' em a piece of luck in their next campaign.

And Barcelona isn't the kind of Football Club that I go vauntin' about but They are a good team. They 've money, they 've quality and they 've a couple of players from Arsenal ! Am not kidding, they are indeed a great club when they can make a 13 million pound (104.3 crore Rs approx ) signing "Alexander Hleb" ( An Ex-Arsenal player again) sit in their benches ! It would have been really bad had they lost after having a lucky semi final win against the deserving Chelsea. Well anyways, They made a brilliant game against the Pompous English Team during the final. Well, Talking about Arsenal F.C. a.k.a. The Gunners. I've been under the strings of Arsenal for about 2 years now and they have not won anything yet. Actually they ve not been winning anything for 4 years now. Well, as always and as the team reels in, let us just Keep the Damm Faith till the end !

The football fuzz, I guess that is what I have been talking about now. I wasn't intersested in this thing since I got to watch the infamous Arsenal vs Manchester Utd match up in the winters of 2007.

I really have forgotten my reasons for falling for this game. Maybe I have one or two personalities who've been responsible for pulling me into this atmosphere. It was Francesc Fabregas, an Arsenal and spain regular and S.G. Shrinivas (nah ! this guy isnt a footballer ! just another Manchester Utd fan and friend, duh !) who played the better part. Infact I remember my reasons for hating it though when I wasn't a big brag about the game. I hated the style it had and the wild goose chase it portrayed. Anyways now, It is time for a change ! and I now seek no revenge :D

On a Reader's request,
If you don't watch football, then here is something which you might consider.

Note: Some of the phrases here were indeed imagined and adapted to make the read better.
Title 1 - "Know your better-half better"

Girl- What do you know about love ?
Boy- I dunno, heard that it causes butterflies to fly around one's head.
Girl- Seriously ? Thats so cute :)
Boy- Yeah, I guess so.
Girl- well, You want butterflies around your head right now ?
Boy- Did you say butterflies, Man, I've always wondered how do they fly ?
Girl- ( leaves ! )

Title 2 - "A best friend's work"

Friend 1 - Dude, you look sad, what is up ?
Friend 2 - Everything sucks ! I just don't want to get reminded about anything.
Friend 1 - oh, Thats bad bro, Know what ? Just remember this, whenever you look up at the sky at night. You come to a conclusion that the worthiest star is actually the one which shines the most.
Friend 2 - What do you think you are getting at now ?
Friend 1 - Am trying to console you. You getting any better ?
Friend 2 - Know what ? you are the sickest person I've ever seen.

3 - "Getting along" aka "Flirtin"

Boy- Hey, I just saw a girl and she looked exactly like you.
Girl- wow, Really ?
Boy- yeah, but then there was this difference.
Girl- what ?
Boy- She wasn't beautiful :D

Deal sealed ;)

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Au revoir :)


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Manoj !! would you teach me your writing skills ? plzz !! :P

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hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anand Arasu said...

next time dont make it so obvious that you copied stuff from 'MY TODAY LOVE TIPS'...covert assassins

Manoj . M, Incl said...

@ covert ! bring me on the article and m deleting this post ryt away !!