Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hello, people .. Well, ummm, Was it the right word ? I exactly don't know, I actually meant, people as it would describe those mixed humans in common, not kind of anything, in particular.

I agree that was a gross begining, I apologize for not having anything written out here for quite a while. I wouldn't say, I was occupied or I was concentrating on something else. Well, the recent times has been a big pain frantically. Maybe it was because of my short semester with a tough schedule in place. In the meanwhile, I had some acquaintances coming in and some going out :) Arsenal's struggling run and its desperation to make a stance of its lost glory was on the run as well and finally, there it was, my project, which got late recogonition of my nerve adding up to all those hefty assignments. That was quite too much for a lazy brat so as to consider and to be precise. But you know what ? Now that everything is over. Snap 'em because I am here now and lets get this on the floor ! Lord, gift my presence and may nothing happen to me whilst I write this down.

Wait a min .

I just saw a shooting star. Geez, I can't believe I made a wish before it vanished. I've been having this "be the wise guy" thing in my mind for quite a while these days but situations like these have ironically put an end to it. Anyway, It was a bit later I discovered how hatefully detesful I have been to myself because at that moment all that came to my mind was If I could have Hunan chicken. That is quite a waste of a wish. Manipulating the odds as I turned to my roomie, he gave me a look which made me think right away that the sight of the vanishing star was more convincing than his dirty look. Figuring that he wanted to talk something dirty. I pretended to be gazing at the empty dark sky soliloquizing. And he said..
- That is a freakin' plane.
- Aww snap ! Your envious, arent you, my wish is gonna be true.
- Sheww, get a life ..
- Why would I ? tell me this. If it had not been a shooting star, What was all about the flashin' and vanshin' then ?
- You are that dumb ? maybe It could have been through some dense cloud.
- Aww snap again. Am not changing my mind here.
- What a grease-head !
- Excuse me, If you didn't know. That just kissed my ears.
- Good grief, I thought I was pretty low with my voice.

The hunan chicken thing might have been a nice boost actually and it would have for sure had me writing with all my enthusiasm binding together. It just went crashing down as I peeped through the window again to confirm myself when I found the vanished light reappearing. I pretended not to be aware of it as I turned. I had those same dirty eyes staring at me. I didn't know he was actually into it that close and was watching me for quite a while to get a point to hold at.
well, what do I say ?
- I just saw that and you ... have already explained me about that.

I should have rather stayed with the "be the blah- blah" thing. what a mess :-|

Fine let me get back to my post. But wait. Unusually there has been too much shaking of my hand lately and I guess my fingers are getting numb because of that. I presume I'm facing these problems because of the sticky keys of my keyboard and if you are still looking for some complications of that rubbishly related sentences, I give up. If those sentences did make a sense of any kind to you, I better stop having poorly sequenced reasons made and attend the door which is being knocked. knocking eh ? Thats a suprise in a guy's hostel.

- Stop lickin' my door and come in ! will you ?
- Hey, am gonna watch Raaz. you in ? Said Hemang.
- What is it about ? I mean, kind ?
- horror ! arrrrgh.
- what was that accompanying horror ? SFX uh ?
- yeah kind of but Get to the point, Are you in ?
- Thanks for asking anyways but you might have to find a different pervert today.
- whats up ?
- Horror ain't my kind.
- oh, ok.

A scary movie huh ? nah ! I would just wish. let us better not talk more about it. I agree I have made a huge mess already trying get something laid from my mind. Boy, am in a spoilt mood :P It was first the hunan chicken and now the movie I presume. With both in mind I could think of nothing but butterflies.

well, Why butterflies ?...
I wish I had some other time to explain that.

Au revoir ,

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Anand Arasu said...

lol... nice one

Rajalakshmi said...

Hey nice to see u updating...eggjams over huh? how was weekend? wat plans in hols? Have a great time :)

Doode. said...

Man, i like the way you write conversations. You are world class enough in that to write even for movies.. Keep it up man.

Manoj . M, Incl said...

Thanks everyone. love ya'll :D