Monday, December 8, 2008


Look through ! .. forget everything and keep moving forward ! If you guys couldnt still figure it out , the line was ripped from the movie "Meet the Robinsons"..

Too bad that I've to start this post in an abrupt manner.

-Isnt the delhi techfest around the corner ? .. said naveen !

-yeah, it is ! said ram in his usual low pitched voice.

I wouldn't really say that our team was devoid of enthusiasm and involvement . It was a team of 4 including the 2 guys above alongside me and kumar G.V. The team was formed to battle the HEAVY LIFTER challenge at IIT delhi. A huge event so as to consider only to later discover that most of the people who participated in it were in and around MP :-|

The plan for the bot that was to be made was quite ready with naveen taking the lead in designing it , the bot had to carry the weight sample which weighed around 1 kg and it had to put it in a hole , It was not just us gearing up for the event TRYST '08 , almost everyone from the college were taking up a particular event from the technical festival and were busy workin over it. Infact we had our own friends rivalling the challenge we had taken ! It was prabhakaran with balaji and harsha.

Somewhere during the break we had ..

-We are timed out ! .. we need to submit the abstract today ! .. well the organiser has to check them and he has to make a goddammed reply as well !.. whatever goes by, you do know that everything has to happen by tomorrow , right ? Are you even listening ? ..

- yes, I am, said Ram ..
- well then why are we staring at each other ?
-I dont have to stare at you ... -or do I have to ?..
-well I have a lab period tomorrow, ask Kumar ! ..
-well I have to brush my teeth tomorrow ! so you can ask someone else to do this work for you !
-Relax ! .. We'll sure have a positive end .. Let us complete the absract today with the others .. and yeah lets leave the drawing part to naveen ..

Delhi (28-02-2008, 7 :00 am)

Delhi just looked fuzzy ! We didnt waste much time as we got off from the station. we hired a cab and we started off to IIT delhi, we had to get there early to avoid the usual problems in getting the accomodations done.

The first day, we just lazed around the capital as we had our accomodations done and the events were supposed to start on the following day.

Tryst '08 would be a phenomenal success. we were just counting at it looking forward to the hype surrounding it.
On the day of the event, as it would occur in almost all places. we were made to wait unconditionally for quite a long time. meanwhile we had enough time to look at the other bots and make cheap comments on 'em soothing ourselves over the thought that our bot would just be terrorizing throughout ! But you know what ? It was later we discovered that we might have as well designed a wrong model. when we looked at the title of the event again. It was "lifting" the object and the word dragging was not mentioned. Our model was near both dragging and lifting but it was dragging 70% and lifting 30% :P I can't explain the odds. It was an engineering feat to us brought about by the application of a conveyor belt. After making a last minute change to it, with now our model would just "lift", It still appeared terrorizing to us (well , it just looked ! ) And huge as it was, it was too hard for him to pass through the little maze in the arena for everytime it had to hit the walls and we had a point going out. It had a poor show overall and to make matters worse our rivalling team finished second.

-You guys look sad ! said girish and aditya who came by
-Nope ! , forget it . it is just that we are planning to go for a movie now :D. wouldn that sound good ?
-well that would be a great idea ..

PVR Priya, Basant Lok, delhi (02-03-2008, 8:00 pm)
It was a great night to start of with (I mean that part of the night after the event) , the place looked posh , it had a lot of people which much guys would prefer to stare at . Well I had myself looking at people as well :D.. But still , there was something odd , we had to do everything in a hurry . We got tickets for the movie "Vantage Point" . We knew nothing about it , the sight of whitaker in one of the posters had us agree that it would be a good movie worth passing time with . The show was at 8:35 . We still had time to kill , one of us came with the idea of "Window shopping" ..

- duh ! window shopping ? I exclaimed ??
-yeah dude ! why not ? .. you know, you get to watch people ?
- people ? .. dont you see em here !
-ok lets go ! you are not getting me I guess ..
-oh well I would like to get at it ...

-Shut up .. and just follow ..
@ punk store !

-That guy in the picture , he is che guvera right ? .. man I see him everywhere, was he a punk kinda guy ?

-does it really matter to you ? said girish who was looking tired already ..
you come to a punk store to check posters ? .. get a life .. dude !

-was just curious , but hey you wont have your kind of people visiting punk stores ! you think girls are into punk ?

- really ? lets check upstairs !
- doesnt make a difference ..
- there ! .. look at her !
- dude ! .. you were indeed correct. she does look ..
- stop!
- stop what ?
- I dont wanna listen that word from you ..
- let me finish the word . it is senstive ! .. that was the word ! ..
- duh !
- duh what ?
- nothing, I should ve expected that. It was really stupid of me to expect a word of that kind from you !
- so , You checked her out ?
-Check what of her out ?
- you heard me.
- I was on it already but I dont find her sensitive !
-ok I was kiddin , lets hit the theatre .. we re outta time !

@the theatre ! ..

Girish was checking his watch already after I interrupted him ...

-you hunting down anything ?
-hmm .. we gotta stop by my uncle's place on our way back !
-what ? .. you kiddin me ?
-nope ! but we gotta go ..
-hey, the uncle visit wasnt a part of our schedule ..
-yeah, It wasnt but it is now :D..
-Do you know how a douche bag looks like ?
-nah ! I dunno !
-check your freakin' mirror !

stay linked ! ..
Au revoir ! ..


Anand Arasu said...

lol... aaga motham all you did in delhi was to check out 'sensitive' girls..:-)

Shrinivas said...

Sensitive girls .. Lol !

Rajalakshmi said...

Happy new year to u2 buddy! So how has the yr started for u? n ya aapka yeh quote acha laga " life is 10% what happens to oneself and 90% how he reacts to it" :-) keep bolgging!